2020 US Elections Betting: Democrats Sacrifice Most Loyal Supporters to the Fires of Political Correctness

The disgraceful killing of George Floyd at the hands of cops in a city controlled by Democrats for several decades managed to bring out an almost impossible response from a nation so divided that it is really two nations.  Americans of all persuasions came together in mutual horror and disgust.  Millions lived up to the American tradition of peaceful protests.  But out of something that began as virtuous and righteous came riots, looting, anarchy, property and business destruction, death, and fear.  Floyd’s brother made public pleas for peace and stated that his brother would never want such insanity to be his legacy.

What made matters worse was that the chaos was not only allowed to happen but in many cases was actually encouraged.  Even more revealing was that it was by and large white anarchists and politicians fanning the flames.  Most sad of all was that African Americans took the brunt of the losses in the mayhem.  At a time when President Donald Trump himself has been erratic and losing public support the Democrats came off as even worse.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Donald Trump +108

Joe Biden -124

All others +7500 or greater

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

Trump is Now the Underdog

Donald Trump is now a slight underdog as he has been dropping badly in most job approval polls.  Once again Trump has made a lot of unforced errors which has been the one constant with him over the past five years.  Following such errors usually comes good news.  Which was the case with last Friday’s jobs report.  Economic growth that comes after COVID-19 has already begun and is exceeding expectations.  Which means Trump should soon get a bounce, especially when the civil unrest dies out.

As for Joe Biden he tried to virtue signal to the African American community with a symbolic kneel and a listening session.  What if anything he accomplished remains to be seen but the Trump campaign has already gone on the offensive in pointing out Biden’s past record and comments that are not exactly ringing endorsements of his commitment to civil rights and the African American community.

Democrats Turn Backs on Riot Victims

What has slowly begun to sink in with voters is that in cities where horrible police brutality has been taking place, in nearly all cases it has been run almost entirely by the Democrat Party for several consecutive decades.

Take the case of Minneapolis, Minnesota, which has been a Democrat stronghold city and state since the early 1960’s.  African Americans have been the most loyal Democrat voters of all during that time frame and for what?  George Floyd’s grotesque death was at the hands of police hired and trained by one of the most liberal cities in the United States.

Other recent incidents of police killing African Americans under dubious circumstances have called into question such loyalty to a political party that constantly calls opponents “racists” to win elections and or to stifle dissent on issues.

African Americans suffered horrific losses in the riots that swept across the country.  Many had their businesses and or homes destroyed.  The white liberal politicians that run most of those cities did not lift a finger to help but instead made excuses for the rioting.

Democrat Disaster

All the Democrats have to do to beat Trump is act normal and responsible.  Yet they just can’t bring themselves to do so.  New York mayor Bill de Blasio has become an absolute joke that has lost the entire respect of the nation as he surrendered his city to violence.  His pandering to black citizens backfired, as it was African Americans that lost the most.  Meanwhile the once celebrated New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been exposed as a fraud as well.

Democrats have long denied and scoffed at concerns over the left-wing terror group Antifa.  That has also blown up on the left as it was Antifa that incited much of the rioting with the goal of anarchy. As bad as Trump can often be, he still looks like the only choice for millions of Americans that see the Democrats as totally willing to sacrifice them for political correctness and virtue signaling.