2020 US Presidential Election – Biden Panders As Trump Fights COVID-19 and Media

Last week was one of the most turbulent in the history of the United States Stock Market.  The Dow Jones Industrial average had its biggest drop in history only to recover with its best one-day performance since 2008.  All within the same week.  The coronavirus has become the ultimate political ticking time bomb

While President Trump has been calling in captains of industry, medicine, and finance, the Democrats are criticizing everything he does, often with glee and delight, as Americans face the loss of their retirement savings with potential loss of employment and health.

As Trump tried to get a COVID-19 relief package passed, the Democrats tried to load the bill up with billions of dollars of hard left pork that had nothing to do with defeating the coronavirus.  The week concluded with Joe Biden pandering in a shameless way as he promised to choose a woman to be his running mate and to nominate a black woman for the Supreme Court.  Nothing was mentioned as far as actual qualifications for those positions.

2020 United States Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump -180

Joe Biden +164

Bernie Sanders +1256

Donald Trump (-180)

Donald Trump declared a national emergency on Friday to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The President had not one but two national addresses last week in which he declared a national emergency.  Trump is conducting all-out war against COVID-19 with the private sector contributing in impressive fashion.  Additionally, he has brow beaten the Fed to lower interest rates, gotten private insurance companies to wave co-pays for coronavirus testing, and has removed considerable red tape that would slow down potential medical solutions.

What has been disturbing to witness is not Trump’s performance and ideas, with FDR level spending and an all out assault to stem the tide, but the happiness that can be seen on the faces of the Democrats, celebrities, and “news” media in thinking that COVID-19 will destroy the Trump Presidency.  Even as Americans suffer in fear and with real losses.

Bernie Sanders (+164)

Not many people are “Feeling the Bern” anymore as Sanders has been rather tepid in his fight against Joe Biden, which has not been much of a fight at all.  Sanders likes to play the role of a revolutionary but the fact is he always caves in against the Democrat establishment that rigs primaries against him.  Furthermore, in 2016, Sanders ended up with a lakeview mansion the day after he endorsed Hillary Clinton.  The Democrat establishment has no doubt promised Bernie he will be well taken care of as long as he is a good and well-behaved fake challenger to Biden and remains the compliant loser that he always was.

Joe Biden (+1256)

It is hard to out-pander or out-shame a Democrat as Biden demonstrated in his debate performance Sunday night.  Not only did Biden promise to select a female running mate and black female Supreme Court justice but he managed to rip President Trump’s performance in fighting COVID-19 even as he basically has the same ideas that Trump does.

Biden is the candidate that the Democrats and “news” media love, but the media has conned the American people into thinking he is a good guy.  Biden is actually a vicious hard left politician but comes off as an amiable bumbler. Perception is reality in politics and that is what Biden is relying upon.

Vice President Nominees

Who are the women probably on Joe Biden’s shortlist for vice president?

2020 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Betting Odds: 

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

Kamala Harris 3/1, Amy Klobuchar 4/1, Stacey Abrams 5/1, Elizabeth Warren 10/1, Pete Buttigieg 16/1, Hillary Clinton 20/1, Michelle Obama 20/1, Julian Castro 25/1, Gretchen Whitmer 25/1, Tulsi Gabbard 33/1, Cory Booker 33/1, Bernie Sanders 40/1, Sherrod Brown 50/1, Beto O’Rourke 50/1, Deval Patrick 50/1, Jay Inslee 50/1, Andrew Yang 50/1, Steve Bullock 50/1, John Hickenlooper 66/1, Laura Kelly 66/1, Michael Bloomberg 50/1, James Mattis 100/1, Joe Biden 50/1

Now that Biden has promised a female vice-presidential running mate that only ups the ante for such candidates as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Tulsi Gabbard.

Harris offers nothing and would be a totally irresponsible selection based on the fact that Biden, by the Democrats own admission, is not fully with it.  Which means the Vice President is even more critical in importance than normal.  Warren is an unlikeable scold with countless plans that would never pass.  And like Harris she comes from a state the Democrats will carry anyway.  Klobuchar and Gabbard have the same hard left voting records as Biden, Harris, and Warren but come off better and deeper.

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