2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Actions Show Where the Polls Truly Are


The fact of life is that in the world of gambling perception is reality.  And in the world of politics that is multiplied perhaps tenfold.  Democrat presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden was bet up 30 cents after Tuesday night’s debate against President Donald Trump.  How much of that was based on the actual merits of the debate and the candidate’s respective performances compared to the predictable media narrative that Trump was a bully and a boar that lost to the supposedly cool and collected Biden remains to be seen.  Gamblers know that the “news” media is nothing more than a campaign publicity department for Biden.  But they also know that millions of Americans believe that the propaganda they see on television is actually news.  Even though in fact it’s an infomercial for the Democrats and Biden.  Thus the 30-cent spike.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump +136

Joe Biden -165

(Source: BookMaker.eu)

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Joe Biden is 30 cents more expensive to bet on than the day before the presidential debate.  Now comes the question as to if Trump can again mount one of his famous comebacks.  Time and again against Hillary Clinton in 2016 Trump was written off for dead only to emerge victorious.  There is the school of thought that if Trump was able to beat back the Billy Bush tapes after the second debate, he can certainly regain the initiative after the first debate against Biden.

September 29, 2020 image shows US President Donald Trump during the first presidential debate with Democratic Presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 29, 2020.

Hysterical Media Reaction to the Tuesday Debate

It is true that Donald Trump dropped the gloves and was in full attack mode against Biden on Tuesday night.  It’s also true that Biden was snide, rude, insulting, demeaning, and called Trump a “clown” twice as well as the “worse president ever.”   Contrary to “news” reports it was Biden that began the food fight of interruptions.

Of course, the media said it was the worst debate in history, which it may have been.  They also said it was a direct threat to “our democracy.”  Which it clearly was not.  Instead it was a brawl that got completely out of control.  It was also a “journalistic” disgrace by “moderator” Chris Wallace.

Chris Wallace, the Fox New journalist acted as moderator during Tuesday’s chaotic US presidential debate.

Tag Team Partner Masquerading as Moderator

Because he works for the formerly conservative “news” outlet Fox moderator Chris Wallace has the absurd reputation of being the “conservative” moderator.  Instead he was Biden’s wing man and tag team partner.  Time and again Wallace cut into the debate to intervene on Biden’s behalf, just as Candy Crowley did for Barack Obama against Republican Mitt Romney in 2012.  Trump faced a two against one debate and yet dominated the stage.

Biden Lies Through his Teeth Kicking Left to the Curb

It’s obvious that Joe Biden has decided to ditch the hard left fanatics that make up most of his base, at least until the day after the election.  He called new Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett a fine person that he is not against.  And he renounced the Green New Deal.  Biden then took a powder about answering the question on whether or not he would pack the Supreme Court.  As is always the case with a Democrat they won’t admit what they are truly for in order to con the public into thinking that they are moderate.  It’s after they win when all bets are off.

The Utter Stupidity of the Republicans

Year after year the ignorant imbeciles that run the Republican Party fall for the same song and dance debate format.  Each year the “moderators” prove to be tag team partners for the Democrat nominee and assist in fighting back against the Republican.  They have learned nothing and put Trump in a terrible position not just on Tuesday but also for the two future debates.

Trump’s Debate Failures

President Trump was often too defensive at the Tuesday debate and failed to sell his many accomplishments as well as he could have.  He also let Biden off the hook a great deal on China, his own policy failures, and Biden’s corruption.   Trump did not connect Biden’s lack of ideas on COVID-19 beyond constant criticism and his charges of “xenophobia.”