2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Democrats Take a Dive on Riots and Destruction

Trump vs Biden

The horrific, unjust, and tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police is an absolute disgrace.  To his credit President Donald Trump called for an immediate investigation that would include the Justice Department and Civil Rights Commission.

As terrible as Floyd’s death were liberal Democrat politicians that managed to do the impossible and make things even worse.  Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey took a powder and allowed a police station to be burned to the ground by protestors.

Many of those same protestors decided to take full advantage of Frey’s capitulation and ransack stores.  Videos and pictures of thieves smiling with stolen gear was not a good look and an assault on the memory of Floyd.  It was also quite a tell about the pathetic and weak virtue signaling from nearly all white liberal government officials.  And that could very well play into the 2020 election.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump -120

Joe Biden +120

2020 Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee Odds:  Kamala Harris +175, Amy Klobuchar +325, Elizabeth Warren +700, Michelle Obama +750, Val Demings +900, Stacey Abrams +1200, Gretchen Whitmer +1500, Susan Rice +1600

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2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Violent riots that were said to be over the death of George Floyd took place in Columbus, Ohio, Phoenix, Arizona, Petal, Mississippi, Louisville, Kentucky, Denver, Colorado, New York, New York, Dallas, Texas, Oakland, California, Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, DC, and Detroit, Michigan.  Problematic is that justifiable protests turned into anarchy with the burning of buildings, deliberate destruction of property, and the theft of goods.  Stores ranging from Target to Louis Vuitton were cleaned out by robbers who didn’t actually seem that concerned about Floyd as much as their chance to get five finger discounts on upscale products.

As millions of Americans watched the insanity there is no doubt that many of them were enraged about these nearly 100% Democrat strong hold cities doing little to stop the violent crime.  One exception was Atlanta where mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms called out rioters for “disgracing our city” and ordering them to “go home.”  It was a super star performance that may get her a look for the Democrat Vice Presidential nomination.  Bottoms did what white liberal mayors refused to do which is call out wrong for what it was and is.

How Will Voters React?

One particular story out of Minneapolis showed a middle aged African American man that invested his life savings into a sports bar that was burned to the ground last week.  There is no getting around the fact that many black homes and businesses were destroyed because of white liberal Democrat public officials too terrified to lay down the law even as they virtue signal and try to play the race card.  In this sense these mayors are using an old and tired playbook that no longer applies to current circumstances.

Another problem was Minnesota Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison’s total refusal to call out the rioters that were destroying his state and the lives of countless Minnesota citizens.  Elected officials were completely rolled by lawless thugs even as they refused to uphold the law and citizens that they swore an oath to defend.  Virtue signaling was more important to these Minnesota Democrats than protecting property and innocent citizens.

More voters are beginning to see this for what it is.  A complete and utter tanking and abdication of duty.  Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden was Hidin’ during the ordeal with not one word of condemnation.

Trump Jumps on Opening

Not only did Trump call for a federal investigation of Floyd’s killing but he also jumped on an immediate political opening.  The President tweeted out that the entire political structure in the state of Minnesota was Democrat and had been for decades.

Trump called for change and is counting on voters figuring out that the cities where cops abuse and kill blacks are nearly all, without exception, run by Democrat politicians and have been for generations.  These one-party cities and states are finally beginning to realize that the Republicans can’t be blamed where they have absolutely no say or power in policy for these areas that are going up in flames.