2020 US Presidential Election Odds: The Contradictory Path to Victory or Defeat


At the onset of the 2020 Presidential election is the strange combination of the well known and totally unknown.  Certainly, the strengths and weaknesses of President Donald Trump are very well known.  So too is the case of former vice President Joe Biden.  Although an American electorate with zero attention span or retention skills may not recall all of Biden’s blunders.  Then again those are so numerous that it does tax the mind.  For college football fans the term “Big Ten Country” has a pertinent meaning when it comes to this year’s presidential election.  The Big Ten Country states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota is where the 2020 campaign is likely to be decided.  And that is where the contradictions about the two candidates is illuminated.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump -105

Joe Biden -130

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

Gamblers have bet the line 15 cents Joe Biden’s way this week after the revelations about Trump’s taped interviews with Bob Woodward for the “journalist’s” book titled ‘Rage.’  The normal pattern for whenever Trump steps in it is that he will initially lose polling and betting support, only to recover in a few days after the American public forgets about it.  Woodward’s book is unlikely to move the meter in November.  Most of the country has already made up its mind.  Those who haven’t will waver back and forth to the end.

Biden’s Swing State Contradictions

There is no greater example of intellectual laziness, “news” media bias, and utter contradictory nonsense than former Vice President Joe Biden’s image of being a blue collar “Everyday Joe.”  Yet millions of Americans actually still fall for this lie.

Joe Biden may have been born in Scranton, Pennsylvania but from there the reality is that he is a career Delaware Democrat globalist hack.  He was initially elected to the United States Senate in 1972 and spent his career on the wrong side of almost every foreign policy and trade agreement the United States ever made.  Even Obama Administration officials concede Biden’s horrible track record of being on the wrong side of key issues.

Although known his entire life for being a gasbag and documented multiple plagiarist of the first rank, Biden has skillfully manipulated willing “journalists” to portray him as a friend to blue collar workers even though he has supported every single policy in American history that has decimated the manufacturing sector.  There is no better example of American political perception vs. reality since Biden’s own boss Barack Obama was elected President running as an African-American populist while actually having more in common with white liberal agnostic urban sophisticates.

Biden’s image could well give him a better chance in the rust belt than 2016 Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, who was utterly detestable to the working man.  Biden’s gaffes also serve to be charming to many everyday Americans that like somebody who doesn’t’ pretend to be perfect.

Trump’s Swing State Success

In 2016 Donald Trump pulled off the greatest upset since the Jets beat the Colts in Super Bowl III.  A big part of that upset was by winning Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. No Republican had won those states since the 1980’s.  In fact, Pennsylvania was known as “The state where Republican dreams go to die.”

Trump’s success in Big Ten Country was because of his blunt and unapologetic attacks on the very establishment mafia that Biden has long been a made man in.  Trump articulated how the Democrats destroyed factory jobs with their extreme environmental policies and sellout trade deals to China.  In fact, countless blue-collar American jobs were indeed sold out to China and Mexico, among other countries.  As Biden and the establishment mafia became millionaires on government salaries in the process.

Film maker and left-wing extremist Michael Moore, as much as he hated Trump, warned of Trump’s impending 2016 victory predicting that it would be the biggest middle finger ever given in American history.  Although Moore even conceded that it was deserved, he still voted for the Democrat establishment and blue-collar enemy Clinton.

The point is there are millions of manufacturing employees that turned to Trump to end America’s economic suicide.  And he delivered.  Manufacturing grew exponentially under Trump.  Which will make the president tough to beat, even with all of his “noise.”