2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Trump Finds Voice and Campaign Themes as Biden Refuses to Decry Violent Left


President Donald Trump has had a rough couple of months that have not been helped by his erratic tweeting and mixed messages.  But over the past week he has shown greater discipline and focus.  In fact, he has found his campaign voice and issue.  The violent crime that is rampaging through Democrat run cities has taken its toll on innocent citizens and businesses.  The Democrats are not stopping it and fuel the fire with their incessant criticism and sharp budget cuts of police departments.  Moderate voters that can’t otherwise stand Trump are now showing a willingness to listen to him.  And the President has finally used real action instead of hot air tweets by sending in federal law enforcement to cities such as Portland, Seattle, and Chicago to stop the carnage.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump +175

Joe Biden -162

All Others +5000 or Greater

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Although gambling action continues to lean with Joe Biden it’s also true that Trump has stopped the bleeding.  A recent Rasmussen poll also indicates that Trump is polling far better than originally expected.  In fact, Trump is polling best in the so-called “Battleground States” that he will need to win for reelection.

African Americans Left Abandoned by Democrat Mayors

One of the most despicable features of the 2020 Presidential campaign has been how the Democrats most loyal constituent group, African Americans, are suffering the most by their policies.  Poll after poll shows that black citizens do not want police departments abolished.  Instead these citizens want police departments improved.  Yet Democrat mayors are bragging about deep police cuts and the goal of getting rid of police altogether.

Additionally, the it’s no secret that police departments have been ordered to back off and not proactively intervene at crime scenes.  Professional and amateur criminals alike have caught on to the fact that they can literally kill people in broad daylight and likely get away with it.  Videos of literal murder, assault, and property destruction have flooded social media and the few news sites not in the hip pockets of the Democrat Party.

Since the mid-1960’s Black Americans have voted nearly 90% for the Democrats.  This loyalty has been abused for years, as Trump himself pointed out in the 2016 campaign.  But now the Democrats have taken this most loyal of all groups for granted and, in fact, are in the midst of utter betrayal.

Police confront demonstrators in Portland, Oregon.

The Great Divide

Trump has found an opening with the law and order issue.  Voters can now see a distinct difference between the Democrats refusal to condemn lawlessness and literally label riots as “peaceful protests.”  On the other hand, Trump can now be seen as the only man willing to put a stop to the insanity.

For weeks Trump was tweeting about law and order and saving the American way of life. But those were just tweets.  Trump has figured out that he can’t run as the man that will save America if he doesn’t in fact save America.

Since taking action by sending in the Feds Trump has already gained.  Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called the Feds “stormtroopers” and many more Democrats have made similar cries.  But those citizens who live or do business in these areas are grateful for Trump’s efforts.  And despite “news” media claims that he is arresting peaceful protestors more and more Americans are discovering that is not at all the case.  The “Silent Majority” is out of patience with the lawlessness that the Democrats refuse to speak out against.

Sports Return Could Impact Election

Major League Baseball returned over the past weekend with the NBA and NHL coming later this week.  The NFL has opened training camps.  Few things will put the American people in better spirits than sports and that, along with economic gains, could also work in Trump’s favor.  If the return of major professional team sports is successful that will also shut down all of the fear mongering about COVID-19.

Trump must do a better job of selling the fact that the death rate continues to fall and that the Center for Disease Control declared that schools should open this fall.