5Dimes Mobile Site Review

5Dimes Mobile and Android App Review

5Dimes has been one of our absolute favorite online sports betting sites for years for good reason. From digital currency support to multiple language support and a sweet welcome bonus, it’s got just about everything you’d want.

But how does it stand up against competitors when it comes to its mobile experience?

There’s a lot to love here, but also a few features you can’t help but complain about. Let’s dive in to see if 5Dimes’ mobile experience is worth your time and hard-earned money.

The 5Dimes App: Gone Forever?

True, 5Dimes used to have an app called Bet Tracker for iOS, Android, and even Blackberry, but today it seems to have vanished from those stores, lost to the sands of time. Before you get angry and assume that this is a problem, remember that in previous reviews of apps from other online sports betting sites like Bovada, we concluded that apps weren’t really necessary most of the time.

Why is that? The main advantages of a dedicated app are that you have more functionality options and can do things offline. However, both of those advantages don’t mean very much when you’re looking to bet on sports online. Generally, the mobile versions of these sites offer everything you’d want in terms of functionality, and if you’re offline with no wifi and you’ve run out of data, you can’t bet online anyway.

So in conclusion, is 5Dimes pulling its app from the relevant stores a big deal? We’d say no, not really. But besides that, how does their mobile site stack up?

5Dimes Mobile Review

There’s no way to ignore the elephant in the room here. 5Dimes’ site design is pretty dated. Why they haven’t brought their site forward from looking like it’s still 2007, we can’t say, but we’re all crossing our fingers that they get on that sooner rather than later.

A Serious Welcome Bonus

But, on the flip side, under the hood, that not-so-beautiful site really packs a punch. For example, 5Dimes has what just might be the most generous welcome bonus in the game: 50% on up to $520 for your first deposit. That means you can get as much as $260 extra for free when you start. That’s as good a reason to sign up as we’ve ever heard.

A Dizzying Array of Online Betting Options

Another one of our favorite things about 5Dimes is the sheer variety you can find there. It seems like they have everything on offer: from the casino games we’ve come to expect from all the top betting sites to essentially every major professional sport out there.

Every one? Well, just the NFL, NCAA Football, CFL, NBA, NCAA Basketball, WNBA, MLB, Major Tennis, PGA Golf, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Not bad at all. Then within those sports, you’ve got If Bets, Rolling If Bets, Reverse Bets, Round Robins, Pleasers, Multichance Parlays, Multichance Teasers, Progressive Teasers, Progressive Pleasers, Asian Handicaps, and Action Points all on offer.

Clearly, the options are nearly limitless.

Other Important Perks: Live Chat, Language Support, and Virtual Currency


That’s not all: There are a few other key features that really make 5Dimes stand out. First, you’ve got live chat. You may not think of this feature when you’re considering which online betting website is right for you, but trust us, you should.

Whenever there’s an issue with any aspect of the site, you don’t want to have to call 5Dimes and you certainly don’t want to have to send an email and hope it gets answered soon. You want to chat with someone who can solve your problem right there and then.

Then there’s the language support. Not such a big deal unless you only speak Spanish, but even if you’re just more comfortable in that language, 5Dimes is ready to use.

But what about digital currency? Once again, this is an overlooked feature that makes all the difference in the world whether you’re playing from the US or not. When a chunk of all your winnings has to go toward bank or PayPal transfers, it gets frustrating pretty quickly. But the lower costs and added privacy of digital currencies like bitcoin mean you can earn more and worry less.

5Dimes Mobile in Summary


  • Extremely generous welcome bonus
  • Casino and sports
  • Exclusive lotto options
  • Accepts virtual currency
  • Intuitive interface
  • Exceptional range of events to choose from
  • Live chat
  • English and Spanish languages
  • Loyalty scheme
  • Offers niche sports and events
  • Mobile friendly


  • Not the fastest site to post lines
  • Slightly dated site design

Want More Info? We’ve Got It

By now, it should be clear why 5Dimes is our fourth highest rated online betting website. It may be held back a bit by its site design, but its usability and features massively outweigh that for us and for most users.

Want to hear more about 5Dimes? Check out our full review.

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