Do football betting sites accept Crypto?

Sometimes known as European football, so that it isn’t confused with American football, soccer is one of the popular sports that are currently enjoying massive success in both international, national and local scenes in all parts of the world. Football fans love to watch games and cheer for their favourite teams wearing their respective jerseys. Also, they love to place bets on their favourite football teams, players, and leagues.

Football betting isn’t only available in brick-and-mortar bookmakers, but it’s also made its way on the World Wide Web, and punters can now place wagers on it at modern Bitcoin and traditional online sportsbooks. If you love to make fast as well as anonymous deposits and receive your winnings almost instantly, Bitcoin bookmakers available at are a perfect place for you.

Placing bets on football with cryptocurrencies is easy and very fun, and it’s just like you’re wagering on other minor or major sports over the internet. But it has its unique set of rules, meaning placing bets on it online is a little different from how other sports wagering work. As a punter, you can place wagers on your favourite team or underdog to win as well as make other types of bets like correct scores and point spread, to name just a few of them.

Up to this point, it is clear that football betting accepts crypto. But before you can pick your favourite football Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or LiteCoin bookmaker, it is advisable to go through the following sections. Going through them will help you learn more about football betting with cryptocurrencies.

How to Place Bets on Football with Cryptocurrencies

To place a crypto bet on a football match, you must have signed up with one of the top or recommended bookmakers. Once you have registered an account, you must make your first deposit to the required cryptocurrency address and then use your favourite crypto to place a bet on your favourite sport, team or possible outcome.

Once you have deposited the minimum required crypto coins and you have confirmed that they are available in your account, you can navigate to the sports tab and pick a football game that you want to place a bet on. After that, enter the number of crypto coins that you want to wager with and choose your market. Your bet slip will be filled automatically, displaying the types of wager that you have made, the amount of bet as well as the total expected in crypto coins.

You can choose to clear the bet slip or place more wagers. Also, you can wager on live in-play football events, which are always available in the in-play sections.

Sports betting guide to the top betting sites

How to Make Deposits at Crypto Football Betting Sites

Cryptocurrency is one of the latest and most innovative methods that you can use to deposits funds into your bookmaker account. Crypto is primarily like a fiat currency but exists online. You can buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the foreign exchange market, and their prices fluctuate like those of other currencies. 

The great thing about cryptocurrencies is that you can transfer them without using any bank. You can transfer cryptocurrency coins from your wallet to the wallet of a sportsbook. So how does the transfer process look like? Below are the steps that you need in order to make successful crypto deposits.

Open a Cryptocurrency Account

If you do not have a crypto wallet, then you will need to open one. And if you already have a cryptocurrency wallet, then you should skip this step. A crypto wallet functions just like a bank account. You can send, receive and store currencies for later use. Also, you can see the value of different cryptocurrencies any time you need to. 

Coinbase and Mycelium are some of the most popular crypto wallets that you can use. They’re both friendly and provide access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies. With any of these wallets, you can purchase cryptocurrency coins and send them to third-parties like football betting sites.

Buy Crypto Coins

After creating a crypto wallet, you will need to purchase some crypto coins. You will have to access the dashboard of your crypto wallet in order to buy your first cryptocurrency. It is advisable to purchase any of the popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or LiteCoin to start with. 

These crypto options are the most widely supported and accepted on different football betting platforms. You can purchase cryptocurrencies using debit or credit cards. Also, you can connect your bank account and purchase cryptocurrencies using online wire transfer or bank transfer. These two options can be a perfect match for you, especially when you don’t have any card.

Picking the Top Online Sports Betting Sites

Choose Your Favourite Sportsbook and Create an Account

You can ignore this step if you already have a bookmaker account. But if you don’t have one, then you must sign up with your favourite sportsbook. In order to open an account, you will have to choose the best site here and then follow the link to access the main page. 

Once you land on the page, click on the sign-up or register now button to gain access to the registration form. Fill in all the required details and then complete the sign-up process. For most sites, you must make the first deposit in order to claim any of the crypto welcome bonuses available. 

Deposit Your Crypto Coins into a Sportsbook Account

Once you have a sportsbook account and some crypto coins in your wallet, it is a perfect time to transfer your funds and start placing bets. To make a deposit, you will have to navigate to the cashier section and click on the deposit button. 

From there, you’ll need to select your deposit method, which should be either Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, or Bitcoin Cash. After picking your favourite crypto option, enter the amount that you wish to play with and then confirm that. After that, the next step is to claim your welcome bonus and start placing bets.

The Benefits of Signing up With Crypto Football Betting Sites

All successful football bettors find their edge over their respective bookmakers. They shop for the best markets, divide up their wagers and use some complex mathematical prediction models in order to win. 

They even factor in some variables such as humidity and speed. If you are looking to place some successful bets, you can also use cryptocurrencies. Sites that accept cryptocurrencies provide some benefits, which include:

  • Bigger bonuses and promotions.
  • Deposits with cryptocurrencies will never be rejected. 
  • Top-notch security measures. 
  • Lower transaction fees. 
  • Faster transactions, which include instant deposits and speedy withdrawals.
  • Crypto betting sites allow for anonymous gambling.

Types of Crypto Football Bets

Before you can place your first bet on a football game, it is advisable to know some of the wagers available. Point spread, money lines, over/under, correct scores and a draw are the most common types of bets. 

When you place any of these bets and be able to predict it correctly, you will be in a position to win your bet. You should always be sure to choose markets that have competitive odds in order to win some significant amount of money.

Final Thoughts and Tips to Bet Successfully on Football

Now that it is clear that you can place bets using crypto at your favourite football bookmaker, it is time to pick your perfect match and then sign up to get started. Some of the tips that you can keep in mind to increase your chances of winning at your favourite football site include; signing up with a reputable betting website, taking advantage of bonuses and promotions, keeping an eye on performances of your favourite football teams and being aware of recent news about teams and their respective players. 

Betting on football with cryptocurrency is fast and easy, and the best part is that you’ll feel the excitement as you watch your football teams and players play and score goals.

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