Intriguing Facts on Online Gambling

Casino Online: Top Wins

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use gambling as a way to have fun, escape mundane lives and occasionally make money. Regular, old-fashioned casinos are well-established, but slowly losing ground to online establishments.

Players love the convenience of experiencing the thrill of gambling from the comfort of their homes. Online casinos also have the advantage of reduced operating costs, which allows them to have a higher payout rate, letting more users get their winnings while playing at or poker. Here are some interesting bits of information about casinos.

The Rising Role of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are often used to make transactions with gambling establishments. The main reason for their popularity is that transactions are private and impossible to trace. In some areas of the world, using cryptocurrency is the only legal way for people to use real money for gambling.

Thanks to their convenience, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are now accepted in many online casinos. Fiat currencies are also accepted, of course.

Biggest Win Ever

Since the nineties, when the first online casinos were established, millions of players have spent billions of dollars trying to get a big win. Players win and lose all the time, but no other win has been as impressive as the Mega Fortune win. To participate in the slot game, the player has to input $0.25 every time. One Finnish player won a $24 million fortune. Even after winning such a large fortune, the player didn’t stop and kept playing.

Origins of Online Casinos

First online casinos appeared much earlier than you might think. In 1994, Microgaming created online casinos, equipped with classic slot games. Even though those websites are completely different from the modern ones, the most popular online casinos wouldn’t have been so user-friendly.

Live Casinos

Contrary to popular beliefs, the winners and losers in online casino games aren’t always determined by technical algorithms. Some online casinos employ humans who deal cards or spin the wheel in live streams.

Such live performances can add to the feeling of transparency and security for the players. These live streams emulate real-life casino experiences, which might be more enjoyable for a lot of people. What’s more, you can communicate with other gambling enthusiasts thanks to live casino games.

Card Counting Impossible

Anyone who’s played in a casino is familiar with the concept of card counting. You might’ve even seen the instances of card counting in a movie or heard about it. The practice is not prohibited by law, but you shouldn’t get caught doing it in the Casino.

More importantly, online establishments take measures to prevent card counting. The cards are randomly selected, so the technique is rendered ineffective.

Tipping the Dealers

As a player, once you get a big win, it is good manners to tip the dealer. In some casinos, players are allowed to tip. This practice only applies to instances when the dealer is a real human being and not a computer.

Most casinos offer generous bonuses for signing up. If you end up winning, it’s a good idea to tip the dealer as a sign of a good gesture. 


These days, casinos are eager to attract new users. That’s why they offer generous bonuses to players who sign up with them. You should make the best use of the offers at your disposal.   

Lotteries Are Still Popular

Don’t be surprised, online casinos have lotteries along with classic gambling games. Moreover, lotteries are statistically much more popular, 55% of all revenues online gambling houses receive just from the sale of lotteries. And it has long been calculated that every second inhabitant of the planet at least once in his life has played the lottery.

The Number of the Beast

Many have heard that the sum of all roulette numbers is the number 666, such an interesting fact. By the way, all kinds of preachers cite this fact as an example when they say that gambling is from the evil one.

A Winning Strategy

Proved and calculated by many, including Einstein, the impossibility of calculating the pattern of numbers falling out at roulette. That is, all these theories, concrete methods do not make practical sense.

More Than 20 Years

The history of Internet casinos is more than 20 years, but it all started back in 1997 at the dawn of the World Wide Web. The first casino was called “Internet Casino System Version IV”, received little income, and there were few players.

But rather quickly, similar projects began to appear one by one and now there are more than 2000 official casinos, and the number of unregistered projects is not even worth talking about.

Final Words

Online casinos are already a big (and growing) portion of the gambling industry. They’re projected to play an even bigger role in the future.