Learn How to Play Pokies – What Are They, And How Do They Work?

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Pokies or slots are the most popular casino games. The game has been part of the casino world for more than a hundred years, and even now, online casinos offer a wide range of online pokies. Slot machine games are simple and easy to play. They are real entertainment for the players. If you know how it works and some winning strategies, you can make money. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot lose here. Continuous practice is needed to overcome the skills and to increase your chances of winning.

Thanks to the online casinos, you can play pokies machine games on your smartphones and PCs instantly. You don’t have to go anywhere. Nonetheless, it is essential to learn about the game beforehand. Once you have known how to play pokies and what techniques work behind them, you can start with pokies bonuses and play at online casinos. With this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the pokies.

Basics of Pokies

The simplest way to understand this game is to know the main idea of the game. It is a machine game with reels. Reels have different symbols, such as grapes, bell, cherries, numbers, etc. Players have to place bets on a combination of the various symbol and then spin the reels. Each spin has some fees. Let’s take an example. An online slot machine game charges $1 for a spin. So, for every spin, that amount will be deducted from your deposited funds. If the reels show you a perfect combination, you may earn the profit. More than strategies, luck plays an important role here.

The pokies machines are rare to see at the traditional casinos these days, but they are really popular at the online casinos. You will see thousands of slot machine games with different themes and storylines. However, the basic fundamental of the game is similar at all pokies. Different games have different symbols and pay lines. In addition, the payout on every pokie game is also different.

How to Play Pokies Machine Games

When you want to learn pokies, our advice is to try free pokies games. Here, you don’t have to pay any fees, and you learn without risking your real money. There are many mobile pokies applications for iOS and Android devices where you can play free pokies. Nevertheless, we have summarized a guide to help you out in the next section:

Step #1: The first step would be to deposit money in your online casino account (unless you play free demo games). Or, insert coins or tokens at the physical pokie machine when you play at traditional casinos.

Step #2: Now, you need to choose the betting amount. You can adjust it to set the bet amount manually.

Step #3: Your fund, bet amount, and the winning amount are shown on the screen. Most games show it at the bottom of the screen, and everything gets updated quickly.

Step #4: Now, if you play at the physical pokie machine, you have to pull the trigger to spin the reel. At online casinos, you can choose the auto spin option or spin reel by the digital trigger. You can also adjust the number of times reels spin at the online casinos.

Step #5: When reels stop, you need to check the combination of symbols. Different combinations have a different payout. If you get no combination, you can play again to try your luck.

If you still feel confused about playing pokies. You can read the details of the game and know the value of combinations.

The Technology Behind Pokies: How Do Pokies Work?

In order to win when playing slots online, one should know how they work or how the winners are determined. Automatic slots use a computer program known as RNG (Random Number Generator). This technology constantly generates numbers, and these determine when each roller will stop. 

This technology makes sure that the results are fair and random. The results of the previous game or spins have no impact on the next ones. Thus, whether you play at offline casinos or online casinos, you have a sense of relief that your game is not rigged. However, you should also know that houses have a mathematical advantage over the players in the end.

Important Tips to Consider When You Play Pokies

Higher Denomination Games Have Higher Payback Percentages 

This is very important to understand. Whether you play offline pokies machines or online pokies, this theory works perfectly. Higher the denomination of the game, the higher the RTP. For example, a dollar poky has a higher payout percentage compared to quarter pokies. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go for higher denomination slot games. Make the proper risk management.

Your Aim Should Be to Have Fun

Pokies are quite difficult to defeat, and there is no magical strategy here. And they are programmed in such a way that the casino also has a very real chance. Thus, your objective should be to have entertainment and fun while playing the game.

Play Mini-Jackpot Games

If you have fun and don’t have high expectations, then you can also look forward to mini-jackpot slots. Here, you may not get a huge winning amount, but your odds of winning are higher.

Choose Pokies with High RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player. Online casinos offer high RTP pokies games. But each game has a different payout percentage. Thus, you should choose a game that has more than 93% RTP. 

Use Pokies Bonuses

Many online casinos offer bonuses on pokies. You can use them to your advantage. Welcome bonuses are generally offered on such games. You can get free spins, no deposit, bonus spins, and a lot more. However, you should read the terms and conditions before opting for the casino bonus.

Things to Avoid While Playing Pokies

Believing in Sure Strategies on the Internet

As we told you in the introduction, pokies are among the most popular casino games. Millions of players play slots to win jackpots, but you should know that there are no sure strategies. There are tactics in place to help players minimize losses. 

Playing At Unknown Online Casinos

Online slot games are games that have been sent into the virtual world. You should be aware to avoid brand new online casinos that have not earned enough reputation in the market. 

Start Playing Complicated Games

If you want to play well, learn the simple slots first. As you know, some say: the more complicated the game, the easier it is to win. But that’s often wrong. 

Excessive Betting

Another strategy is to avoid excessive betting. This doesn’t put you any closer to victory. However, high bets ensure that a player can win more easily, but chances of losses are also there.

Progressive Slots

These pokie variants have the highest jackpots. Because these machines are generating such large profits, these profits are very rare. In addition, the chances of winning are very small, like playing the lottery.

Popular Pokies at the Online Casinos


Although there are thousands of pokies to choose from, so the choice should be a little difficult, some classics have emerged over the years. Starburst is one such success story. The success of this slot has taken the online gambling world by surprise, and there is no doubt that it is arguably the best online pokies game of all time. Win real money with this awesome space game that features bright figures that glow every time you hit a combo.

Thunderstruck II

This pokie game is the continuation of its previous game, which is already hit among the players. The theme of the slot is based on the Norse myths and Legends of Thor. Since the game follows its popular predecessor, the graphics and sound effects are considerably better in the game. The game offers an enriching gaming experience.

Book of Dead

This is one of the most popular online pokies that is tagged with various bonuses offered by the casinos. Thanks to this game, the developer has secured a place in the history of the slot. Even years after its publication, the legendary Book of Dead can still be found among the most popular pokies games worldwide. Visit Egypt with Rich Wilde and get ready for a fascinating search for the relics of the pharaohs. There is no question that the bonus round with free spins and the gambling function are highlighted here. The goal should be to land three shiny gold Book of Dead symbols. 


Now you can begin your journey to the online gambling world with the pokies. Pokies are the main reasons why new players are attracted to online casinos. You will find lots of choices regarding online casinos and pokies games. Thus, it is crucial to make your choices considerably. Learn about the game and the platform before signing up.

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