NFL Draft Odds: Picking the Right Props

2016 NFL Draft Picks

Lives will change and the futures of teams will be completely altered over the course of the next week as the 2016 NFL Draft ensues. The Los Angeles Rams are on the clock with the top pick in the draft, and there’s still a discussion as to what they’ll do with that selection, but that pick will trigger a domino effect that could play a huge role in prop betting.

Here are some of our favorite NFL Draft props from

Joey Bosa Over 3.5 (-390)

Joey Bosa, Defensive end for the Ohio State Buckeyes

For all intents and purposes, we’re going to assume that Carson Wentz and Jared Goff will be the top two picks in the NFL Draft to the Rams and Eagles, respectively. From there, that leaves just the Chargers to pick Bosa, and the fit just doesn’t make sense.

Bosa is best served as a down 4-3 defensive end, and we don’t see San Diego making such a gamble that he could make the transition to an upright 3-4 linebacker when safer picks like Laremy Tunsil and Jalen Ramsey are still on the board. It’s a chalky bet, but Bosa’s first possible spot to come off the board as we see it is at No. 4 to Dallas.

DeForest Buckner Over 6.5 (-150)

DeForest Buckner, Defensive end for the Oregon Ducks.

Does anyone remember Dion Jordan with the Dolphins? Miami traded up to get him in the 2013 NFL Draft, and he’s turned into a bust of epic proportions. You hate to say that Oregon just can’t produce defensive linemen based on one failure, but Buckner will have to be evaluated carefully here.

He doesn’t quite fit the mold for the Chargers or Cowboys, and we have a tough time imagining Jacksonville passing on Jalen Ramsey if he’s there still. If you assume that Goff, Wentz, Ramsey, Bosa and Tunsil are the top five picks in the draft, that leaves one spot for Buckner, and it’s Baltimore.

Sure, the Ravens make a lot of sense for Buckner, but Jack might be the more intriguing prospect. One thing is for certain; Ozzie Newsome is going to get this pick right, whoever it is.

Laquon Treadwell Under 20.5 (-145)

University of Mississippi wide receiver, Laquon Malik Treadwell

Virtually every mock draft in the world has Treadwell falling into the 20s, and he didn’t have the most impressive combine or pro day. That said, if you watched this guy play these last couple years at Ole Miss, you couldn’t help but be impressed. Treadwell catches everything that comes his way, and with so many teams potentially looking for a possession receiver in the middle of the first round, we could see someone reaching, especially since he’s the best wideout in this draft.

Teams like Detroit, Atlanta, Indianapolis and Buffalo with picks 16 through 19 are all potential landing spots for Treadwell. Don’t discount the possibility of Houston or Minnesota trading up from 22 and 23, respectively, to get him.

Total Quarterbacks Drafted in 1st Round Under 2.5 (+375)

From left to right: Christian Hackenberg, Carson Wentz, Paxton Lynch, Jared Goff, Connor Cook.

We’re not so naïve to know that this is a big gamble. It’s a small risk with a big reward, however. We’ve seen quarterbacks drop through the cracks in the first round of the Draft before, and outside of Wentz and Goff, we’re not all that certain anyone else is going to take a chance on a quarterback.

Paxton Lynch has the look of a bona fide NFL signal caller, and Connor Cook could still be a first rounder as well. The scariest part about this prop is that Denver, a team that still doesn’t have a legit quarterback option, picks at No. 31 and could try to snare a pivot here. Still, we think it’s worth a shot at a price of nearly 4 to 1 that Lynch and Cook both slip into Day 2.

The 2016 NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 28, at 8 p.m. ET. It is being held at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. The Draft will be broadcast live over a three-day span by ESPN, ESPN2 and the NFL Network.

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