Sports and Technology: Impact of Modern Day Tech on Sports


We are not going to deny this: modern-day technology has made life easier for many of us. Humans can communicate more effectively today, gain tremendous amounts of information, and carry out horrendous tasks within a short time. Imagine a world without technology. Bizarre, to say the least.

Modern-day tech is like reading a book of infinite chapters. We’ll keep opening a new one in the years to come. It’s unending. And we can only be thankful to be alive in such a time as this.

Without a doubt, we’ve come a long way as humans. Looking back, even just a few years back, it’s hard to imagine how fast things have changed. We’ve seen too many improvements, too many to count.

Almost every aspect of life has had its fair share of technological innovations, including sports. The impact of modern-day tech in sports is undeniable. We’ll be lying through our teeth if we say otherwise.

Although we’ve seen a lot of changes and improvements, we’ll be taking a good look at some of, perhaps, the biggest impacts of modern-day technology in sports.

Sport Analysis

Sports analysis has taken a turn for the better. Thanks to replay technology, video systems that have semi-automatic cameras, and GPS, sports analysts can now backtrack plays to analyze a player or team’s performance.

Modern-day data analysis also impacts overall player performance in many ways. For example, medical staff use data analysis to track the health and fitness of players to determine how best a player needs to train, what they should eat, and how to compete better. All these factors can impact the longevity of a player’s career.

Audience Reach and Fan Experience

Thanks to improved technology, sports coverage has become more extensive than ever. Before now, millions of sports fans worldwide wished to watch their favorite sports event but could not have their desires granted due to limited technology and inadequate stadium capacity.

For the record, the biggest attendance for a sporting event, which took place in an enclosed stadium, remains the 1950 FIFA World Cup Final held at the Maracana stadium (over 199,854 claimed attendants). Yet, such a highly anticipated game barely received worldwide coverage.

Over the years, sports coverage has seen tremendous technological ‘metamorphosis,’ from newspapers to radios, to TV sets, and now to mobile devices. Today, fans can now watch their favorite sports live from the comfort of their homes and almost anywhere in the world.

There’s more: in the past, missing the big games meant you had to wait till the next day to read the newspapers. But today, fans can latch onto full game replays and highlights without breaking a sweat.

Social media platforms have also helped to improve fan experience. Fans can now connect and interact with their favorite sports stars without meeting them physically. It feels good when Tom Brady hits the heart and retweet button on one of your tweets, doesn’t it?

Fantasy sports have also helped to build fan enthusiasm and player popularity. Today, sports fans can have a fun-filled experience interacting with players virtually, as though in the real world. They can also earn some cash by placing a bet, more like playing online slots real money casino games, without visiting a betting shop.

Sporting Equipment

Modern-day technology has also impacted the way player uniforms and kits are designed. Players are more armed with protective gear, like helmets, shin guards, boots, and shoulder pads.

The impact is seen in the quantity of production as well. In a time when the demand for Lebron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant jerseys are through the roof, and player gears sell out in minutes, apparel companies have had to adopt modern technology to churn out large volumes of kits within a short period.

Endearing fans across the world can now ‘cop’ their favorite player kits without having to wait in line at a store.

Overall Accuracy

Although each sport has its own peculiar rules, the final score must reflect this one thing: accurate judgment. One of the worst feelings as a player, coach, or fan is to find your team on the wrong side of a bad officiating decision, especially when it costs your team the win. It’s alright to feel gutted, but at the end of the day, sports officials will always make mistakes, especially when under pressure because they are humans.

Although the sporting world is still on the journey to perfection, we agree that there have been improvements. With video technology, sports officials can now make more accurate decisions, electronic timers help to cut down the error margin, and wireless microphones continue to improve communication between referees/umpires and other sports officials.


Modern-day technology has affected different sports drastically and taken them to new heights. We can only expect more as the world continues to advance.

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