Super Bowl 53 Exotic Props


The Super Bowl is a lot of fun because it is the pinnacle of the NFL season, crowning the year’s champion after so many thrilling contests. It is also very enjoyable because of all the interesting prop bets that surround the big game.

The Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots both have fanbases that are very much looking forward to this game and will be rooting hard for their team. But there are way more neutral observers, and instead of rooting for someone to win, there is always the option to vote for a wager to hit.


The exotic prop bets are a bunch of fun to scan before the game, and they are unique enough that there are good opportunities to make some money on certain ones.

Super Bowl 53 Prop Odds 

Be sure to look at all of the exotic prop bets, because there is no shortage of available options. When it comes to the best gamble, one of them stands out above the rest. There is an exotic prop bet that asks what will have the larger total: the points for Mavericks rookie Luka Doncic on Sunday against the Cavaliers or the yardage total of the first field goal made in the Super Bowl. Doncic is the 16.5-point underdog, so he will get a boost to whatever point total he puts up. Doncic is the -123 favorite while the field goal option is listed at -107.

Obviously the field goal length could vary wildly depending on game circumstances. Greg Zuerlein of the Rams and Stephen Gostkowski of the Patriots are among the best kickers in the NFL so the coaches will have faith in them. However, both teams also have strong offenses, and because this game is expected to be a shootout, there could be some aggressiveness on fourth and short.

While it’s hard to know how long the first field goal will be, a safe number seems around 40 yards. If a field goal is nailed from that length, Doncic would need to score 24 points or more against the Cavaliers in order to win the bet. He is only averaging 20.4 points per game, and while there have been some higher-scoring games of late, he is more all-around player than elite scorer.

One complication is an ankle injury to Doncic that kept him out of Dallas’ most recent game. If he doesn’t play this wager won’t convey. However, if he does, the field goal option could be better in case the Mavericks decide to limit his minutes.

Super Bowl 53 Prop Picks

Our pick: The first field goal will be longer than Luka Doncic’s total points + 16.5 points

Reason: This wager is hard to choose with total confidence because it is unknown how long the first field goal will be. However, anything from further than 35 yards has a good chance of winning, and a 50-yard field goal would result in almost a guaranteed victory.

There is a lot of upside to take the field goal option in this game. Doncic could always have a big scoring game, but if he finishes around his season average it doesn’t make sense to choose him in this exotic prop wager.

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