The Different Types of Sports Wagerers: Which One Are You?

The sports betting industry continues to thrive and even grow despite the current world situation. With the major sports leagues making a comeback this year, we can be sure that sports betting is already on its way to recovery.

Luckily for many bettors out there, it’s so easy to place their bets without even leaving their homes. Online betting is a great solution to ensure that punters can still do their favorite activities as they practice social distancing. If you’re a punter yourself, you just need to find the right bookie. You can visit sites like to know which bookie suits your betting style and needs.

Speaking of betting styles and needs, the betting market surely has plenty of this. With more and more people betting sports, the market is now very diverse. Punters simply have their ways of betting and they also come in different personalities. Curious to know what type of punters there are? Here are the most common ones that you can probably relate to.

The Newbie

The growth of the betting market brings in newbies or people who don’t have much experience when it comes to placing sports bets whether it’s online or not. Being a newbie isn’t a bad thing and all punters go through this phase.

As a newbie, you probably still have a lot of questions about betting on sports. You most likely are still unaware of what your options are and the different types of bets that you can place. The internet is your best friend as you learn everything you should be an effective sports bettor.

The Pros

AS a pro, this means that you are already making a decent amount of money from sports betting. You already know the basics and have your strategies when it comes to placing bets on any sport. You probably also have tried wagering on more than one sport and you already know what to look for when shopping for a bookie.

Profit Bettors

Profit bettors are mainly after earning money through their bets. Like the pros, they also know the nooks and crannies of sports betting. Unlike just being a pro, however, your main objective is to gain earn as much as you could. Pros are more on profiting but it doesn’t matter how big or small their wins are.

Profit bettors come on strong when it comes to their strategies. However, some come on too strong that they get banned from placing their bets with some bookies. There are the so-called arbitrage and steam bettors.

Arbitrage bettors wager on all outcomes of a sports match with different bookies to ensure profits. Meanwhile, steam bettors look for steam moves or a syndicate or group of pro bettors that wager on a given outcome at the same time that causes bookies to move their odds quickly. Both types of bettors are usually identified by bookies and they end up getting banned as their strategies are usually deemed as unfair.

Recreational Bettors

This is you if you don’t take sports betting seriously. You’re more likely to place a bet when you’re sure about who the winning team will be. You’re only interested to place a bet if the match is well-talked about. You would place prop bets because it is fun.

Recreational bettors probably do not have a betting app installed on their phones because they don’t place bets a lot anyway. If they do have an app, they would occasionally browse through the available odds and only place a bet if they are feeling like it.

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The Betting Fans

This type of bettor is either a fan of a specific sport/team or not. What they are a fan of is betting. These are the ones who are willing to watch any sport as long as they could wager on it and as long as their gambling acumen will improve. They’d wager on different types of odds, including prop bets.  However, if they are the type to bet on almost anything, their profits from betting are pretty decent.

Their betting habits are usually more eccentric than others. They also take betting seriously but they are more after the thrill of placing bets. They love to talk about betting that many of them prefer going to retail bookies to find other punters they can discuss odds with. They are also likely to convince people to bet on certain odds, especially for sports that people don’t bother with.

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Having worked in the marketing department at two online sports betting sites, John brings his love of sports to serve BigOnSports as chief writer. He will be researching and writing about the sports betting community to improve your experience as a sports bettor.