The Voice Predictions and Betting Odds for Season 10

The Voice predictions and betting for Season 10

Blockbuster hit singing competition The Voice returns for season 10 this February, with some of the most talented vocalists in the country vying for the show’s top spot. As the new season starts, let’s take a look at The Voice predictions for its next season

Your favorite worldwide celebrated artists/coaches are set to return: Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, and Adam Levine, and host Carson Daly; a just-announced surprise newcomer is Miley Cyrus.

About the Show

The cutting-edge platform for the hit show features five distinct stages during the competition, with the first level starting out with blind auditions, the next stage consisting of rounds of competition, then the knockouts, live playoffs, and last but not least, when the remaining artists perform live.

The celebrity judges base their decisions exclusively on the voice of the competitor on stage, rather than their actual appearance throughout the blind audition segment of the show. Because The Voice judges are facing away from the competitors and can’t see them, their decision to vote for them is based 100% on their overall ability to sing.

If and when the judge is impressed by the voice of the contestant and wants to choose them to be a part of their team, they immediately push the button that works to turn their rotating chair around in order to view the artist in addition to just hearing them.

The Voice Competition

Once the judge’s chair swivels around to face the artist on stage, The Voice contestants are automatically chosen to continue in the competition. However, if multiple celebrity judges push their buttons, it’s up to the competing artist to choose which superstar they desire to work with the most. On the other hand, if none of the judges push the button to turn around, the competing artist is then immediately eliminated and will not return to sing.

The fight is on once everyone is secured on a team. Next, The Voice celebrity coaches fully dedicate their time and talent to developing the potential of each artist on their team. In addition to getting a bit of help from their fellow celebrity musical gurus, each famous coach offers them expert advice and guidance as well as sharing their own valuable secrets to success.

The Voice Battle

During each round of battle, the judges position a few members on their team to battle one another by arranging them to sing a song together as a duo in front of an enthusiastic studio audience. Once the battle ends, each coach has to select which one of their singers will move on to the next level of competition.

As a result, the artist that loses is fair game and can then be stolen by another celebrity coach. During the battle competition phase, each coach can steal a competitor twice.

Once the battle phase is over, only the most talented members of each team remain standing and will then advance to the knockout phase of the show. At this point, the contending artists can choose which songs they want to perform, as their competition waits and listens. Each artist is essentially competing for the confidence from their coaches and also the chance to perform live on the show.

One universal megastar mentor is brought on to work in unison with each coach along with the vying members of their teams in order to fully prepare each artist for this high-stakes challenge. However, it’s up to the celebrity coaches themselves to select the winner. Again, coaches can steal any artist that’s not selected, but can only steal once in the knockout rounds.

Making the Playoffs

The top 20 competing artists try to clinch a spot for the live shows during the live playoff rounds. As they perform live on the show, America casts its votes in order to save two of their favorite artists per team. Next, the coaches hang on to one remaining competitor in order to complete their own roster. Afterwards, the remaining contestants advance to the last stage of the competition.

During the live phase of the show, the top 12 contestants compete with one another each week during a live television broadcast. As such, TV viewers vote in order to save their favorite contestants. The three contestants with the least amount of votes qualify for what’s called the ‘Instant Save’ and perform a song that best illustrates why they deserve to be saved.

The Voice Betting Odds on TV and Online

America has the chance to save their favorite singer by tweeting the hashtag #VoiceSave with the name of the performer. Two performers are eliminated each week with the least amount of votes. Finally, one talented performer is deemed “The Voice” and gets the ultimate prize of receiving a professional recording contract in the end.

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