TopBet Mobile Site Review

TopBet Mobile Site Review

Just because TopBet is ranked the 5th best sports gambling website in the world by BigOnSports doesn’t necessarily mean the other four are better. It’s all about priorities, and the top one for most players today is to have a great mobile experience.

So we’re putting together a series of comprehensive reviews looking at the mobile sites and apps of top online sports betting websites to see how they stack up. Here’s where TopBet stands:

TopBet App vs TopBet Mobile

As with most top betting sites, TopBet gives users the option of using its app or the mobile version of its site. There are reasons to consider using each, here’s a breakdown of the basics:

Apps work offline because you download them, plus they have the potential to do much more than a simple website. The question is, will these advantages still apply to online sports betting? Your first clue is in the word online. You can’t bet on sports when you’re offline, so that advantage doesn’t mean much here.

What about the added functionality? Well, at this point, mobile versions of top sportsbooks are fully capable of doing everything you, the user, would want them to do. So we’re left asking what the point of a dedicated mobile app is.

Why Use TopBet’s Mobile App?

For TopBet, the answer to this question has been to make the app simple and streamlined. The mobile version of the site allows you to do much more (more on that later). The app is designed to do two basic things: allow you to place quick bets on the go and play some casino games.

What does that look like? Well, to begin, the interface is fairly straightforward and keeps the same general style as the main site. The app’s limited functionality means it’s never very hard to find what you’re looking for.

Casino Games on the TopBet App

This section offers all of the casino classics you’d expect. There’s baccarat, poker, blackjack, slots, and a few simple video games. These are entertaining, but clearly not the reason you’re going to be downloading this app. There are better casino game apps out there. But if you want to take a short break from checking on your sports bets, it’s nice to have these.

Online Sports Betting on the TopBet App

Here’s the real question we all have, how easy is it to bet on sports online using this app? Well, it’s definitely straightforward and simple. The downside of TopBet’s drive to keep the app streamlined is that it only offers lines on major sporting events. The same goes for stats and other information available on the website.

So this app is really more designed for you to make a quick bet when you’ve got a minute, not to put together a detailed strategy.

Summary of the TopBet App


  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Decent selection of simple casino, card, and other video games
  • Access to lines for most major sporting events


  • Limited access to the full range of sports events listed on the main site
  • No iOS app (TopBet’s app is only available on Android)

Okay, so if that’s what the app has to offer, what about the mobile version of the TopBet site?

What TopBet Mobile Has to Offer


As with other online sports betting sites, the mobile version is simply the desktop version rearranged and optimized to work on a mobile device. Everything you can do on the regular version of the site, you can do on the mobile version.

For a more detailed breakdown of everything you need to know about the main site, check out our full TopBet review. You can also find helpful direct comparisons between

There, you’ll find a ton of useful information to pick which site will work best for you. But here’s a quick summary:

TopBet has a great welcome bonus and a usable interface. On the downside, there’s no digital currency support or live chat. There’s also been a history of payment issues, though that all seems to have been resolved by new management.

The Good News

One piece of good news is whether you’re using the mobile app, the mobile version of the website, or the regular website, you’ll still get a 50% welcome bonus on your first deposit up to $500 (that means up to $250 for free).

However, if TopBet mobile doesn’t have all the features you’re looking for, you can check out our other reviews of top sports betting sites. You’re sure to find the perfect site (or two) for you.

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