UFC 207 Odds: Champion Most Likely to Lose This December

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So far in 2016, we’ve seen eight UFC title changes – a ridiculous number for a promotion that built on the backs of longtime dominant champions like Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones. The crazy part? There’s a good a chance that number rises before the year ends.

This month, we’ve got two championship bouts to look forward to. And in both of them, there are very good reasons to back the challenger. Fittingly, they are all underdogs, giving you a compelling reason to jump into the UFC betting.

So who is the most likely to keep the belt? We’ve posted UFC 207 odds courtesy of BookMaker.eu.

Cody Garbrandt (+165) vs Dominick Cruz (-210)

Too Much, Too Soon

Garbrandt is the bantamweight division’s most dangerous knockout artist. A perfect 10-0, he’s won 9 by KO/TKO – with seven of those coming in the first round. It’s rare you see a 135-pounder with killshot power, making Garbrandt an intriguing upset pick. If he plants one on Cruz, it’s game over.

Dominick Cruz vs Cody Garbrandt Grudge Match Fight OddsBut this is Cruz we’re talking about. His trademark footwork and elusiveness is a puzzle that better fighters have failed to solve. Basically, fighting him is like fighting that monkey dude from Bloodsport.

At 25, Garbrandt is a young stud, but asking him to take out a guy that hasn’t lost in years is probably too much.

Cruz was smart to ask for this fight now. His beef with Team Alpha Male gives it a built-in storyline to attract viewers, and he gets to knock off a contender before he becomes a legitimate threat. I give him about a 10% chance of losing the belt.

Amanda Nunes (+140) vs Ronda Rousey (-165)

A Rude Welcoming

Holm not only crushed Rousey’s aura of invincibility, she exposed some serious flaws in Rousey’s game. First and foremost was Ronda’s lack of striking technique – she looked like an amateur against the former world champion boxer. We also saw Rousey exhausted at the start of the second, signalling a shallow gas tank. Her inability to adjust to Holm’s game has to be noted as well – there was no Plan B, and that just shows bad coaching.

We also saw Rousey exhausted at the start of the second, signaling a shallow gas tank. Her inability to adjust to Holm’s game has to be noted as well – there was no Plan B, and that just shows bad coaching.

Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunes at UFC 207Nunes can take advantage of two of these flaws. She is the best Muay Thai practitioner in the division, and like both Garbrandt and Rumble Johnson, she is the hardest hitter in her class. If Rousey’s standup hasn’t improved – which is likely since she spent most of the year making movies and not training – she’s in for some hurt. And the Brazilian is also a BJJ black belt, so she should be able to defend against Rousey’s patented arm bar attack.

Oddsmakers are giving you a steal on these UFC odds with Nunes as an underdog. She’s an elite fighter that is peaking right now, facing a huge question mark who hasn’t fought in over a year.

I’d give the Brazilian about a 35% chance of losing her belt.

Stay Tuned for Fight Previews

We’ll have in-depth UFC betting coverage for each matchup during fight week. Still, you should consider making your bets now to lock in good fight odds before the betting public can swing the lines out of your favor.

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