What To Bet On This Week

As the COVID-19 global pandemic extends into another week, most of us continue to isolate in our homes with very little human contact for the last month. And by the way, I need a haircut. Martial law … I mean the stay at home order, has forced sports fans into a deep depression with few live competitions to watch and to wager on. Over the last few weeks several betting options have emerged at online sportsbooks keeping most of us sane. Esports is perfect for the lockdown. The NBA had its virtual players-only tournament and now Major League Baseball is getting into the act. We’ll take a look at what else is available on the betting front for the week ahead.


As mentioned, esports have become insanely popular with some of the traditional sports leagues now getting in on the action. We just saw the NBA 2K20 players-only tournament wrap up and now MLB is giving it a shot by launching a MLB The Show league. Players from all 30 teams will compete in a 29-game regular season through April 28 with playoffs and a “World Series” taking place afterwards.

Tampa Bay pitcher Blake Snell is a huge gamer and opened as the favorite at online sportsbooks to win the tournament. You can wager on individual games at BookMaker.eu and watch the action on MLB social channels and Twitch.tv.

Numerous other sports have entered the virtual world. Online sportsbooks offer odds for esoccer matchups scheduled throughout the week from Liga Pro, Battle Premier League and Battle Champions League.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the most heavily bet game in the esports community and there are always contests featuring leagues and teams in competitive video gaming from around the globe. Gamers are also competing in League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Starcraft 2 among others. And, you got it, odds for those encounters are available at online sportsbooks.

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Anybody who has ever picked up a basketball has probably played the game of HORSE. A staple of school playgrounds and backyards, one of the most basic games has come to the betting stage. The semifinals and championship of the NBA H-O-R-S-E Challenge are slated to take place on Thursday beginning at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN. Trae Young and Chris Paul were installed as favorites to win the event and both were eliminated in the first round.

If you want to wager on the real thing the Chinese Taipei Super Basketball League has reached the playoffs of its season. The semifinals start on Tuesday with Game 1 between Pauian Archiland and Yulon Luxgen. One game separated second-place Pauian from Yulon in the regular season standings. Check for a schedule along with spreads, totals and moneyline odds at BookMaker.eu.

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Sports Sims

Simulated sporting events have risen to a new level during the coronavirus outbreak. Right now watching games in sim mode is about as close to the real thing as we’re going to get for some time. Madden NFL 20 has its Battle of the Divisions taking place this week. First round action continues Monday and will take place all week until a winner is crowned.

Betting on sports sims allows fans to join in the fun of an actual event from games like Madden NFL 20, NBA2K20, MLB The Show 20 and NHL20. It’s about as realistic as we’re going to get while everyone hunkers down. Games are streamed on Twitch.tv with betting options available at BookMaker.eu.

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Providing soccer addicts with the fix they need is the Belarusian Premier League. Still forging ahead despite the coronavirus the week begins on Monday with a matchup between FC Ruh Brest and FC Slavia Mozyr. Two more matches are schedule for Thursday and two more on Friday. Don’t forget about the Nicaraguan Premier League which is also hosting games through the global pandemic. Betting opportunities for all matches are at BookMaker.eu.

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Table Tennis

Along with virtual sports and Belarusian soccer, table tennis has emerged as a top betting option at online sportsbooks. And with all the matches taking place the sport is cashing in. In the Ukraine the Setka Cup is going on concurrently with the Russian Pro League. The nature of the sport allows players to compete in a number of matches in a short time. And there are quite a few matches to wager on. Check out the latest lines and place a wager at BookMaker.eu.

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The sporting world will return to some kind of normal soon. When it does you can cash in those futures bets you placed while sequestered at home. The 2020 NFL Draft is coming up and oddsmakers have displayed a bounty of prop bets. We’re also counting on a MLB season with NFL and college football a few months away. Futures for all those leagues are offered at BookMaker.eu.

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