What is the Betting Capital of the World?

Whether you’re a betting man or woman or someone new to it, there are several cities around the world that are dedicated to casinos and sports betting. Even if you aren’t interested in it, these cities are still well worth exploring to experience their vibe and atmosphere. These cities also offer a wealth of nightlife and entertainment that’s fun for all ages. But if you’re interested in visiting the best in the business, this article shines a spotlight on the leading candidates for the betting capital of the world.

Introducing Sin City, Las Vegas: The Original Betting Capital of the World

One mention of Las Vegas immediately conjures up thoughts of Elvis Presley and the Rat Pack on stage. This gem amid the Nevada desert has long been a haven for bettors for many generations. Although the city’s gaming industry started out in the downtown district of Vegas, home to the bright lights of the Fremont Street Experience, it soon evolved and migrated to the Las Vegas Boulevard — which many people now fondly call it “The Strip.” The plethora of casino resorts, nightclubs, Michelin-starred restaurants and amusement parks (some of which are built within the casino resorts!) cemented Vegas as the premier entertainment destination throughout the 20th century.

Unfortunately, Vegas was hit pretty hard by the global recession in 2008. With disposable income at an all-time low, there was a significant decline in the number of visitors to Sin City. Nevertheless, the good times are returning slowly. In the last decade, new casino resorts appeared, including the Cosmopolitan and the LINQ Hotel (formerly known as Imperial Palace). It’s still a hub for live sports, too, with UFC nights and world heavyweight boxing fights hosted here regularly as well as the World Series of Poker (WSOP), which attracts thousands of entrants to its Main Event each summer.

Macau: The Gaming Capital of the Orient is Vegas’ Number One Competitor

Although Vegas is still the romantic’s betting capital of the world, it has a clear competitor for that title in south China. The autonomous island off mainland China, Macau, has recently become the betting capital of the Far East since the turn of the millennium. Macau has had a gaming industry dating back to the 1850s, but its reputation was rock-bottom. Formerly controlled by the seedy underbelly of the Triads, the island’s casinos returned to the People’s Republic of China when it opted to regulate the industry.

Since then, Macau’s casino scene has grown from strength to strength. China’s 1.35 billion population often venture off the mainland to Macau for a flutter while tourists are also increasingly visiting Macau for its plush casino resorts and indulgent entertainment. When you consider Macau’s casino revenue in 2016 was $28 billion — more than four times that of Las Vegas’ $6.3 billion — it’s hard to argue that Macau is the 21st-century betting capital of the world.

Monte Carlo: Unrivaled Gaming Glitz, Glamor and Sophistication

Europe has a luxurious, legendary gaming destination, too. Venture down to the French Riviera, and you’ll come across Monte Carlo, nestled within the plush principality of Monaco. Monte-Carlo’s casinos date back as far as the 19th century when the wealthy across the continent used to visit. The gaming culture in Casino de Monte-Carlo is unlike anywhere else in the world. With strict dress codes, opulent gaming rooms and some of the best dealers and croupiers on the planet, it’s easy to see why so many high rollers like to bet in Monte Carlo.

If you can’t decide between all three of these resorts, you could always check them out one by one for yourself. Reborn online poker network, Full Tilt recently announced a promotion called the Ultimate Player’s Trip where two players can win a 15-day adventure spanning Monaco, the French Riviera, Macau, the gaming haven of the Orient, and Las Vegas, home of the iconic Strip.

Other valid mentions for the betting capital of the world contenders include Atlantic City, which has successfully become the epicenter of gaming on the East Coast of the U.S. Singapore is also a magnificent place to bet, with the Marina Bay Sands now offering one of the most spectacular casinos in the world. As one of the most technologically advanced cities on our planet, Singapore is a wonderful experience for tourists and casual punters.