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3 Simple Tips to Improve your Horse Racing Bets

If you’re new to betting on horse racing, it’s likely that you might be falling short with the bets you’re backing. This could be due to a number of reasons, but it’s to be expected when considering just how much planning and genuine insight goes into coming away with winning horse racing bets.

As it can be such an uphill task to work out how to improve any horse bets you might make, we’ve thought it best to compile all of the things you need to consider into the list below, allowing any inexperienced punters to build horse racing bets that stand a far stronger chance of going in their favour.

Things to consider before backing a horse you fancy:

Horse Statistics and Form

Ranking as one of the primary factors that can make or break a bet is the research you need to do before choosing a horse you want to get behind. Any bet you make must be backed up by reasoning and the same applies with making horse racing bets, where you need to see how likely your chosen horse is to win the race, as well as identifying any other nags in the race that are capable of beating it in the final hurdle, with it being equally as important to see who else could win the race as it is to pick out your winner.

Horse Racing Tipster Websites

Continuing to grow by the day, it’s always possible to find a horse racing tipster for advice and pre-made horse tips. This is why so many inexperienced punters feel the need to follow just one, but it’s possible to make your own bets as long as you make the same sort of effort they make in forming horse racing bets. You can also use them to compare the bet you’ve made as a general rule of thumb.

Odds on Horse Racing

After establishing exactly which horse you want to bet on, or even which horses you want to add into a multiple bet, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to back your bet at the strongest available odds. Not only will you increase the amount of returns you’ll receive if your bet lands successfully, but a lot of bookmakers offer their own horse racing offers such as best odds guaranteed on all UK and Irish races, extra places for those who indulge in each-way betting, and the opportunity to get your money back as cash or a free bet if specific outcomes occur.

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Ken Henson
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