Tennis Odds Comparison

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How To Bet On Tennis

Tennis tournaments can provide bettors with many betting opportunities. Options include betting on players to win the tournament outright, betting on matches (head-to-head), and live in-play betting. Many sports bettors will often parlay heavy favorites to try a score a big pay day.

Money Lines

The most popular way to bet on tennis is using money lines. The most straightforward bets are on individual matches. Lets take an example match of Novak Djokovic (-135) versus Andy Murray (+115). Djokovic here is a favorite meaning you would need to risk $135 to win $100. While Murray is the underdog, meaning you would risk $100 to win $115.

Tournament Betting

Most sports betting sites will also have wagers available on who will win the tournament. So instead of betting on individual matches, a bettor could bet Djokovic to win the US Open at +120 or Roger Federer at +550.

In-Play Betting

Most good sports betting sites now offer in-play betting (live betting). Once the match has started, the pre-match odds go off the board but you can still bet continuously as the match progresses.

Tennis Betting Strategies:

There are a few factors that you should take into consideration when betting on tennis.

Style of Players

For example, Nadal has a very powerful serve. When matched against opponents with an average or sub-par return game, he is going to be hard to beat. But against a great returner, Nadal is vulnerable. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of various players to determine where they are good or bad bets.


Another important factor in pre-match considerations are the surface conditions, with some players good on clay courts and others preferring hard, while some are better on grass.

Grass is the obvious example here, with Nikolay Davydenko, Milos Raonic and John Isner, all of whom are awful on grass.

Andy Murray is still poor on clay and has only once in his career beaten an opponent ranked in the top-10 at the time of the match on clay and that was nine-ranked Davydenko back in 2009.

Players like Nadal and David Ferrer are better on clay than they are on other surfaces. Be sure to factor surface into your betting decisions.


Weather is a big factor in outdoor events and wind can play havoc with high ball toss and there are good and bad wind players as a result.

A good example was Andy Murray’s victories over Tomas Berdych and Novak Djokovic in the 2012 US Open, where Murray used the difficult conditions to his advantage.

Players with a high ball toss such as Berdych are at a disadvantage and players like Alex Dolgopolov and Albert Montanes who have low ball tosses should do better.

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