Trump Warns America to Buckle Up For “Horrific” Week

Incumbent US President Donald Trump has increased slightly as the betting favorite to win the 2020 US Presidential election this November.  But the week ahead is expected to be one of the worst in the entire history of the United States.  The death toll from COVID-19 is on a dangerous upswing and the economic news is beyond alarming.  Trump’s handling of the crisis has given him the best approval numbers of his presidency.  But the days ahead will put all politicians to the test.

On the Democrat side New York governor Andrew Cuomo has met the test and has impressed with high grades, even from Republicans.  By contrast presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has not shown well.  Especially in comparison to Cuomo.  And members of the Democrat party have taken notice.  More Democrats are believing that Cuomo would be a far better candidate to face Trump.  But will it matter?

2020 US Presidential Election Winning Party: 

Democrats -101

Republicans -116

Other +11694

2020 Democrat Presidential Nominee Odds: 

Elizabeth Warren +20000, Hillary Clinton +3000, Michelle Obama +8000, Joe Biden -700, Kamala Harris +20000, Andrew Cuomo +1450, Bernie Sanders +3000, Amy Klobuchar +20000

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump -120, Joe Biden +134, Bernie Sanders +4800, Hillary Clinton +8000, Mike Pence +7000, Nikki Haley +16000, Kamala Harris +30000, Amy Klobuchar +30000, Michelle Obama +27500, Andrew Cuomo +2600

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Donald Trump has earned good marks from the American people in all polls so far which has increased his price on the betting odds.  Biden has a virtual lock on the Democrat nomination but continues to blunder.  The wild card is Cuomo.

Donald Trump

The president is starting to warn the American people of some tough choices that are coming sooner rather than later.  Specifically, he wants to re-open the country and get what was a roaring economy back up and running again.  Trump realizes this must be done safely but that it must be done.  A confrontation with “experts” beckons.

Beyond that the president has a secret weapon on his side in his desire to get things moving again.  Eventually the American people are going to rebel against the prospects of personal financial destruction.

Trump will be trying to create a middle way that balances physical and economic health.  Also, he may bring in new experts that have written articles stating that America doesn’t have to choose to ruin its economy to stem the COVID-19 tide.

Andrew Cuomo

The New York governor has set himself apart if for no other reason than that he can conduct a competent press conference, especially in comparison to Biden.  And that is why a lot of Democrats are fantasizing about finding a way to kick Biden to the curb in favor of Cuomo, who has shined during the COVID-19 crisis.

Cuomo’s record as New York governor is not good and he was in the lower 40 percent range for his approval rating until COVID-19 gave him an opening to shine.  Which he has done in a way that has impressed both sides of aisle.

Joe Biden Backtracks

Biden has offered nothing but platitudes and some pre-written statements.  He was also forced to admit that Trump was right to close off travel from China after he originally called it “racist” and “xenophobic.”

Many Democrats have been alarmed about Biden’s erratic behavior and inability to talk without script or in depth about the current crisis.  Now he is trying to straddle saying that COVID-19 is not Trump’s fault, but that he didn’t act soon enough.  The problem with that is a flood of videos that feature prominent Democrats in January and February, as well as NIAID Director and Trump Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci saying that Americans did not have to worry about COVID-19.

Biden compares poorly to both Trump and Cuomo when it comes to the ability to coherently handle a high-pressure press conference that can last an hour or more.

However, for now the nomination is Biden’s and he would have to voluntarily step aside for Cuomo or someone else to take his place, which is unlikely to happen.

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