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Which Sport is Easiest to Bet On?

As technology becomes more and more advanced, sports betting fans gain access to valuable information, which can increase their chances of making an accurate prediction. The statistics of any player or sports team are a click away.

This wasn’t the case in the past. All the information bettors had available to them was what the bookmaker communicated. Here are the most accessible sports to bet on – you don’t need to rely on your intuition.


The winner of a match is one of the easiest things to predict. Unfortunately, the odds tend to be poor. You can make a decent profit by increasing stakes and combining more pairs.

Statistics show that the favorite wins almost 90% of all matches. On average, the odds on the favorite are 1.22, which actually isn’t that bad. You can also bet live on a game, set, or match.


People can guess the winners without knowing much about this sport at all. The NBA, Euro League, ACB League, FIBA, and ABA League are some of the easiest leagues to bet on and make a profit. As the chances of X are low, you choose to bet on the home team or the away team. Odds on the favorites can be as much as 2.20.

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It might seem complicated to predict victories in this sport at first glance, but your chances will improve with some effort to get to know it.


Football remains one of the easiest sports to make money from. The chance of predicting the outcome correctly is around 80%. If you bet on the home team, the probability of victory and profit is higher. Before you place a bet online:

  • Take a look at the statistics of the teams and leagues.
  • Check their losses, wins, and mutual stakes.
  • Always look at the results of the last three matches and the positions in the tables if you bet on the Bundesliga, the Premier League, A Serie, or other top leagues.

Combat Sports

MMA and boxing are historically two of the top combat sports to bet on. The fact that there are only two options is the most significant advantage of betting on these sports. The likelihood of a draw between fighters is quite slim. Alternatively, you can bet on who will win a specific round.

John Milton
John Milton
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