2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Instant Replay or Will “Experts” be Right This Time?


“And down the stretch they come!”  To the relief of nearly everyone the United States Presidential election is less than one week away.  Gamblers have gravitated to Democrat nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden.  Sharps are giving President Donald Trump a hard look to see if he can pull off yet another stunning upset and confound the “experts” and haters, but there I repeat myself.  Joe Biden leads in the popular vote polls by several percentage points.  But to win the election he must get 270 electoral votes by winning enough states.  And that is where Trump has a solid shot to win.  The same states that decided the 2016 election will decide this one on Tuesday.  Pennsylvania is the biggest of the big prizes and is being hotly contested.  Rust Belt states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota loom large and poll within the margins of error.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump +188

Joe Biden -200

(Source: BookMaker.eu)

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Gamblers are looking at the polls and “news” and it all says Biden will win going away.  That’s good enough for squares.  But sharps see the massive Trump rallies with crowds in the thousands and the long line of people and cars to get into the rallies and ask themselves, “who do I believe, the ‘experts’ or my own lying eyes?”  The late scandal regarding Hunter Biden selling influence to his father and his father fully participating are the latest wild card.

Tony Bobulinski Bombshell and Media Coverup

On Tucker Carlson’s Tuesday night show he had a guest by the name of Tony Bobulinski on.  Bobulinski was a business partner of Joe Biden’s son Hunter.  Text messages reveal that Hunter Biden set up crooked business deals that his father was totally in on.  Joe Biden was directly and personally involved and making deals with a Chinese government that the United States was outsourcing jobs too.  Not only that, Joe Biden was getting paid to so all of this.  All the while he portrayed himself as an everyday Joe from Scranton.

Utter Corrupt Coverup Disgrace of “News” Media

Tucker Carlson, Fox News, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and Conservative Talk Radio are the few sources where voters can get information on Joe Biden being on the take.  CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, and all “mainstream” media outlets are burying the story.  They refuse to cover it.

Once and for all the “news” and “journalism” has been exposed as nothing but a donation in kind to the Democrat Party and against the Republicans.  If a Republican was on the take like Joe Biden they would already be arrested and their campaign shut down.  Millions of American voters are totally unaware of this scandal with less than a week to go before election day.

Pennsylvania to Decide Election

Although Joe Biden was a Delaware Untied States Senator from 1973 through 2009, he was born in Pennsylvania and spent some of his early years in Scranton.  Biden has since loved to play the role of a “blue collar regular Joe.”  Even though the facts remain that Biden is a corrupt to the core phony elitist that has played a major role in globalization and the loss of American jobs.

Further, there are tapes that Joe Biden demanded Trump play at the last debate in which he explicitly came out against fracking and oil companies.  Biden vowed that America would transition away from fossil fuels and fracking.  He promised to stick it to the oil companies.  What this would do is not only kill jobs but also decimate the economy with explosive rises in energy prices.  Trump has been tweeting “the goods” over Twitter with Biden saying all of this over and over again on numerous occasions.

Pennsylvania is a state with a vital fracking and oil industry.  If that state falls for the “Scranton Joe” routine it will be committing suicide.

The Ultimate Question

Will voters choose an obnoxious jerk that gets good economic and world peace results or a phony that will use them to feather his own nest?