2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis: Biden Goes with Harris as Gamblers Turn to Trump Upon Announcement


Former Vice President Joe Biden, or whoever runs Joe Biden’s campaign, has decided on Senator Kamala Harris for the number two slot on the Democrat Party ticket. Normally such announcements give a candidate a temporary bump with the polls and gamblers.  But not this time. Biden immediately dropped 16 cents when the announcement was made.  That comes on the heels of a 15 cent drop at the end of last week.  President Donald Trump’s 31 cent gain in less than a week comes by surprise to some.  Trump has alternated between bombast and passivity.  In essence he has been using the poker strategy of a “slow play.”  Trump is letting the Democrats hang themselves with their hard-left extremism.  And it just may work.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump +125

Joe Biden -155

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

Astute pollical observers are not really surprised that Kamala Harris was picked but also that she did not provide a wagering bump.  Harris flopped miserably in the 2020 Democrat primaries.  The more voters were exposed to her the less that they liked her.  Biden’s hiding in his Delaware bunker is also not selling.  Polls show that a majority of Americans believe that he is in the beginning stages of dementia.  Polls also show that most Americans don’t believe that Biden will be able to finish his term.  Which in reality makes Harris a Presidential candidate.  And guarantees one of the most vicious, ugly, racially charged elections in United States history.

Identity Politics on Steroids with Unaccomplished Harris

Kamala Harris likes to pass herself off as a black female.  Her actual identity is much more nuanced and complicated.  She is actually the decedent of slave holder from Jamaica.  But she is a woman and she is not white.  Which fulfills the “identity politics” obsession of the Democrat base.

Harris has zero in the way of legislative accomplishments.  She was elected to the senate out of the state of California.  Previously she was a controversial attorney general in that state.  California is a one-party state where the Republicans are the Washington Generals going up against the Harlem Globetrotters.  The judiciary there has implemented laws that make the Republican party functionally illegal.  The GOP is fake opposition to Democrats that are assured of winning nearly every race that they run. It’s all been grooved legally that way.

All of this has proven to be a weakness for Harris on the national stage.  Running in the rest of the country where Republicans can actually win is a far different proposition than running in the state of California.  The American electorate is less progressive than Harris’s home state.

The Old-Fashioned Way to the Top

Kamala Harris loves to sell herself as the ultimate feminist.  Her obnoxious grandstanding at the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings was over the top political theatre.  It gained nothing except attention for her that did not translate into success for her Democrat presidential campaign.  But what it did show was a level of shameless shallowness that is quite revealing.

Harris began her political climb as then San Francisco mayor Willie Brown’s play thing on the side.  Brown was twice her age and quite married.  Brown freely admits to the affair, which was quite public.  He also concedes that he rewarded Harris for her sexual favors with political jobs.  Thus, the beginning stages of her climb to the top.

In essence Harris showed that she will do anything to advance her career and for political power.  It’s quite likely that she passed over more qualified women by putting a smile on Brown’s face.  But even more to the point is the obvious question.  Would Harris currently be in this position of being so close to the Presidency had she not been Willie Brown’s paramour?  It’s almost impossible to believe she would, based on her record and lack of actual accomplishments.

The Ugly Road Ahead

The upcoming campaign is going to reach a level of shrill divisiveness never before seen in America.  Harris will bring race and gender into every policy debate but will offer little in the way of actual answers to problems.  For her its all about power.