2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Voters Ask if It Matters as Violence Continued on July 4 Weekend


It was not a Happy or Traditional Fourth of July.  COVID-19 forced the cancellation of numerous traditional Independence Day events.  And riots continued throughout what was supposed to be a national celebration.  Monuments were taken down and destroyed while American flags were desecrated, stomped on and burned.  Cancel Culture has become a new purging of independent thought.  And those who do not conform to the left wing’s totalitarian view point face violence, loss of jobs, and permanent inability to live a normal happy life.  As all of this takes place Democrats say and do nothing.  But then again that is also the case with most Republicans.  All of which has caused voters to ask if voting makes a difference and if there is any difference between the two parties.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump +135
Joe Biden -148
All Others +7500 or greater

2020 Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee Odds:

Kamala Harris -116
Val Demings +706
Tammy Duckworth +1059
Susan Rice +340
Elizabeth Warren +2136
Michelle Obama +2136
All Others +3100 or Higher

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Perhaps the worst is over for President Donald Trump as he improved by 15 cents over the past week on his odds for re-election.  Meanwhile presumptive Democrat nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden continues to sit on his lead and hide.  Because any time he opens his mouth it’s an embarrassment that dominates the news cycle.

Trump Gets Serious at Mount Rushmore

Following several weeks of stupendous unforced errors that put him behind a lobotomized vegetable in the polls President Trump has begun to tighten up.  This past week he showed the type of discipline necessary if he is to win reelection.

On July 3 at Mount Rushmore Trump gave a speech that was direct, to the point, and on message.  There was no tossing the script and rambling all over the map.  In his speech Trump illustrated the stark contrast of vision between him and his opponents.  He is setting up making this campaign about improving the current American system and way of life and a dark alternative of a left-wing totalitarian society.

Unlike the cowardly Republicans of the past Trump showed courage in pointing out how the silent Democrats have been complicit in stifling free speech with political correctness and cancel culture.  He warned of how the education system and “journalism” is doing not much more than attempting to indoctrinate millions of unsuspecting people with a perpetual message of how bad and racist America is in their eyes.  Trump also paid tribute to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.  He vowed that the monument would remain forever.  The somber defiance meant a great deal to a base that feels under siege by the radical left.

Just as striking as the content of the speech was Trump’s delivery of it.  Missing was the bombast and bravado that is normally part of his delivery.  The Mount Rushmore speech was delivered with sober seriousness.  While the conservative media lauded and applauded the mainstream media declared the speech “racist.”

Any sane person that saw the speech would not find a racist thing about it.  But that is where the 2020 campaign is.  A “news” media that is nothing more than the publicity squad of the Democrat National Committee

Lack of Action Continues to Frustrate

Despite the improved tone by Trump, Republican voters remain frustrated by his lack of action.  Statues were torn down in several US cities all run by Democrats.  Yet Trump continues to show restraint at sending in the feds.  This has prompted voters to ask if there really is much of a difference in the parities.

The one conservative voice that has warned the Republicans that their lack of action will destroy them at the ballot box is Tucker Carlson of Fox News Channel.  Unlike other Fox prime time cheerleaders such as Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, Carlson is not hesitant to criticize Trump or Republicans.  His recent show in which he stated that Republicans are failing to protect those who voted for them and that “voting doesn’t work” has drawn new viewers that have made Carlson the most watched new program in cable history.

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