2020 US Presidential Election Odds


Gamblers Sense Trump May Close Well

There is a sense that President Donald Trump is finding his voice in the later stages of the 2020 US Presidential election as Joe Biden’s price has gotten noticeably cheaper over the past week.  Despite the best efforts of the “news” media, the Hunter Biden corruption story keeps getting worse.  Hunter Biden epitomizes the privileged oligarchy that helped pave the way for the Trump presidency.  The son of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, Hunter has been caught red handed selling influence and access to his father.  Especially disgusting was a meeting held in Barack Obama’s White House with Chinese elites.  All of this points to the elitism of Democrats and American’s two-tiered justice system where Democrats are not held accountable for things that would put a Republican in prison.  With less than two weeks to go before election day Trump’s 2016 election playbook of running against the Swamp could once again pay dividends.  Problematic is that all of the major “news” organizations are refusing to report the story.  Millions of Americans still haven’t found out.  But most seasoned politicos sense a change in momentum towards Trump.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump +130

Joe Biden -170

(Source: BookMaker.eu)

Joe Biden peaked on October 14 at -200 and has come down 30 cents since then.  Most gamblers are much more astute and resourceful about how they get their news and are on to the Hunter Biden story.  Additionally, Trump has shown better focus in his recent campaign stops hammering Biden for his rot gut corruption and lack of success and accomplishments in a Washington career that began in 1973 with the United States Senate.

Biden’s Only Asset

Former vice president Joe Biden has only one thing going for him.  He is not Donald Trump.  For millions of Americans with Trump Derangement Syndrome that is all Biden needs to be. However, the willing blind must take a deeper look.

Joe Biden has a record of being wrong on almost every issue.  From economics to foreign policy he started off badly wrong only to backtrack later.  As “shovel ready” coordinator for President Barack Obama’s 2009 recovery, Biden presided over a failure so bad that even Obama said most of the jobs were not “shovel ready” after all.

Additionally, the “Regular Joe” persona is as more nauseating than counterfeit.  Biden likes to play the role of a blue-collar guy from Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Yet he is the epitome of the Washington insider elite class that lives in gated communities, becomes multi-millionaires on government salaries, and feels no need to answer to the people.  But Biden goes being a chameleon to an outright sellout.  The blue-collar boys Biden tries to fool know that Biden played a key role in selling their jobs out to China and other countries.

How Biden became a Delaware multi-millionaire on a Senator’s salary is easy to figure out.  He’s been influenced by wealthy elites who groove deals for Biden in exchange for policy that is unfavorable against real work a day Americans.  As the Hunter Biden email bust shows the Vice President of Barack Obama was for sale and eager to give elites what they wanted for a price.  And the American worker be damned.

Yet to those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, that doesn’t matter.  And that is indicative of a public that is so filled with TDS that they will literally wear blinders and look the other way for a man that is screwing them over.

Trump’s Many Assets

Even those that hate Trump must concede that his energy policies have led to more jobs and cheaper fuel.  Trump’s economy had the fundamental infrastructure to withstand a pandemic and produce better unemployment numbers than when Obama ran for reelection in 2012.  Trump has called Europe’s marker as far as their refusal to pay NATO dues and has gotten movement as a result. Trump has been nominated for two Nobel Prizes because of his contrarian bet in the Middle East.  Trump defied “experts” who said his plan would lead to war.  Instead it has been a masterful path to peace.  Add in a reduction of illegal immigration and you have a winning platform.  If only the voters would look.