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Essential Bingo Strategies for Advanced Bingo Players

If you are an intermediate or advanced bingo player, by now you know that while there is always a bit of luck involved in playing bingo games, there is some strategy. Applying a bit of strategy can potentially help you win more money more often, and that’s something every player would like! Below are a few tips on helping you improve your odds when you play online bingo.

  • Avoid Peak Hours – Many online bingo sites will offer bigger jackpots to play during off-peak hours and days. If you play online bingo, the busiest times are during evenings, nights and weekends. Sites will offer incentives such as lower buy-in on higher jackpot games during low-traffic times of the week or in the wee hours when everyone else is in bed.
  • Carefully Choose Your Cards – Try to choose the bingo cards symmetrically with cards having a balance of odd or even numbers. It’s important to choose cards that don’t have duplicate numbers. That said, some online bingo halls don’t let you chose your own cards.
  • If Possible, Retain Your Cards from Previous Games – Bingo, quite naturally, is a numbers game. If it’s possible, retain your cards from a previous game to increase your chances of winning.
  • Play More Cards & Calculate the Odds – It’s no secret that the more cards you play in online bingo, the greater your chances are of winning. Another good idea is to make note of which games or which patterns that are played within a given game win more often.You can calculate your odds of winning in the following way. If there are a total of 50 cards that are in the room you are playing in and you have five cards, you have a 10% chance of winning. Purchase more cards to increase your odds or buy the maximum number allowed in the game that you are playing. Just remember to only purchase as many cards as you can manage and within a spending limit that you can afford.
  • Try Low-Value Games, Too – Many online bingo players are risk-averse. There’s nothing wrong with this of course.  However, it is good to remember that the fewer people that are participating in a bingo game, the greater your odds are of winning.
  • Be Aware of The Money You Spend & Win – Part of the fun of playing bingo online is being able to walk away with money in your pocket. That means being able to manage your money responsibly. Keep track of what’s in your account, and keep track of what you spend, what you win and what you can afford to lose. By purchasing less expensive cards or those that have a lower buy-in price, it is possible to extend the amount of time that you can play online without losing too much money. If you do find that it just isn’t going well for you at any time, learn to simply walk away. It can happen to anyone, and by taking a breather and coming back on another night is an effective and responsible way to manage your available cash.

Of course, the more you play bingo online, the more experience you will get over time. Try some of these strategies out and you’ll start seeing a slight edge. You can also make note of what works for you and share with fellow bingo players. Sharing bingo strategies can help keep the game of online bingo both fun and exciting for everyone.


Sara Spencer
Sara Spencer
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