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Get to Know the Latest Expert Horse Picks for the Kentucky Derby 2021

One of the Kentucky Derby’s highlights is the wager. Betting on the favorite horse is such a fun and exciting experience that bettors enjoy so much. However, picking the best horse to ensure the win and money can be challenging.

Struggling too much on which horse to pick? Take a look at these experts’ picks and opinions to consider as a guide on choosing the right contender that can bring you money for this season’s Kentucky Derby.

Ed DeRosa of TwinSpires

As the marketing director of TwinSpires, Ed DeRosa discloses his top picks on who he thinks will dominate this year’s Derby. After joining Churchill Downs Inc, he had become a writer and an editor for nine years for the Thoroughbred Times. His experience in this field of sports after so many years established his credibility in this industry.

Here are his ranked top picks for this season’s Derby:

  • 1st       –           Essential Quality
  • 2nd      –           Highly Motivated
  • 3rd       –           Greatest Honour
  • 4th       –           Midnight Bourbon
  • 5th       –           Keepmeinmind
  • 6th       –           Life Is Good
  • 7th       –           Senor Buscador
  • 8th       –           Medina Spirit
  • 9th       –           Hot Rod Charlie
  • 10th     –           Prevalence

Follow his Twitter account for more updates at @EJXD2.

James Scully of BRISnet, TwinSpires, and KentuckyDerby

James Scully contributes to multiple sites such as BRISnet, TwinSpires, and KentuckyDerby as a writer and handicapper. He is quite experienced and knowledgeable about horse racing since he has been working with BRISnet since 1998.

In his long years of being active in the horse racing industry, he has now become an expert in this field of sports. Take a look at his horse picks for this upcoming Kentucky Derby:

  • 1st       –           Essential Quality
  • 2nd      –           Life Is Good
  • 3rd       –           Greatest Honour
  • 4th       –           Medina Spirit
  • 5th       –           Caddo River
  • 6th       –           Midnight Bourbon
  • 7th       –           The Great One
  • 8th       –           Presumptive
  • 9th       –           Keepmeinmind
  • 10th     –           Senor Buscador

For more updates, check out his Twitter at @James_Scully111.

Joe Kristufek of TwinSpires

While calculated odds is important in betting, reading every racing analysis is important too. Joe Kristufek is a racing analyst of TwinSpires, Fair Grounds, and Churchill Downs, which bettors can count on in choosing the right horse to place a wager to.

With Kristufek’s knowledge and expertise of the sport, he is also fond of scouting the horses in both Derby and Oaks months before the actual race. In total, he already personally witnessed 15 Kentucky Derbies.

Bettors should consider this Joe’s list of favored picks for the Derby:

  • 1st       –           Essential Quality
  • 2nd      –           Prime Factor
  • 3rd       –           Greatest Honour
  • 4th       –           Life Is Good
  • 5th       –           Midnight Bourbon
  • 6th       –           Spielberg
  • 7th       –           Hot Rod Charlie
  • 8th       –           Caddo River
  • 9th       –           Senior Buscador
  • 10th     –           Jackie’s Warrior

Keep updated on his horse analyses on Twitter by following him at @JoeyDaKRacing.

Kellie Reilly of BRISnet, TwinSpires, and KentuckyDerby

Kellie Reilly writes a lot for different sites such as BRISnet, TwinSpires, and KentuckyDerby. Many of her writings have also been in NBC Sports and the official Derby program. Those things give her an edge and advantage to be knowledgeable enough in this horse racing sport.

Reilly has been a fan of horse racing and interested in pedigrees since young. Although a graduate of M.A. in history, she proceeds writing for various horse racing sites.

With her experience in writing horse racing articles, she comes up with this list of top picks for the Kentucky Derby 2021:

  • 1st       –           Essential Quality
  • 2nd      –           Greatest Honour
  • 3rd       –           Prevalence
  • 4th       –           Rock Your World
  • 5th       –           Caddo River
  • 6th       –           Life Is Good
  • 7th       –           Midnight Bourbon
  • 8th       –           Hot Rod Charlie
  • 9th       –           Hidden Stash
  • 10th     –           Medina Spirit

Follow her on Twitter at @GallantFox1930 for more updates.

Scott Shapiro of TwinSpires

Scott Shapiro may seem a passionate sports fan as he covers numerous gameplays from multiple sports such as football, golf, and basketball. But as a horse racing expert, he is a thoroughbred racing handicapper of TwinSpires.

Here is his list of top horse picks for the Kentucky Derby this year:

  • 1st       –           Essential Quality
  • 2nd      –           Caddo River
  • 3rd       –           Greatest Honour
  • 4th       –           Concert Tour
  • 5th       –           Freedom Fighter
  • 6th       –           Life Is Good
  • 7th       –           Keepmeinmind
  • 8th       –           Prevalence
  • 9th       –           Prime Factor
  • 10th     –           Hot Rod Charlie

Follow him on Twitter for updates at @ScottShap34.

Vance Hanson of BRISnet, TwinSpires, and KentuckyDerby

Vance Hanson has been in the thoroughbred racing industry for over 20 years already. He is an editor and a writer of BRISnet, TwinSpires, and KentuckyDerby. With those long years of experience in the field, he already gained credibility on his top picks for different horse racings.

Keep an eye for Hanson’s top horse picks for the Derby this year:

  • 1st       –           Essential Quality
  • 2nd      –           Senor Buscador
  • 3rd       –           Life Is Good
  • 4th       –           Caddo River
  • 5th       –           Fire At Will
  • 6th       –           Medina Spirit
  • 7th       –           Hot Rod Charlie
  • 8th       –           Brooklyn Strong
  • 9th       –           Keepmeinmind
  • 10th     –           Midnight Bourbon


Knowing these different top picks from different experts will help the bettors in their handicapping process. These will strengthen their opinions on every horse’s capability to win the championship. Expert picks are highly insightful for winning the horse bet in the Kentucky Derby.

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John Milton
John Milton
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