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Horse Racing: Guide for Beginners

As an outsider, the world of horse racing can seem perplexing. You may know people who have had some good wins on the races or noticed the thrill people get from the sport. You want in on the action but feel daunted and don’t know where to start. Here is a short horse racing betting guide that will help you learn the basics. We will cover the most common types of bets in the US, as well as some top tips for beginners to help you get started.

There are many different types of horse racing worldwide, which affects how betting on this sport works. We’ll focus on the three most common ways to bet in the US for this article. These are stakes on a win, place, or show.

A bet to win is sometimes called a ‘straight,’ which means you bet on a horse to win the race. A bet is putting money on a horse to finish either first or second place. A bet to show means you are betting on a horse to finish in the top three spots.

Do Your Research

Do you ever wonder how that guy always seems to win and win big? He takes it seriously and does his research before placing bets. If you want to be like him, read betting guides, study the entrants, the track records of horses and jockeys. Check out the racetrack. What is the weather forecast?

Arm yourself with details. The more you have, the better informed your bets will be. Research is key to horse race betting strategy. Keep an eye on the latest horse racing news to build your knowledge over time.

Spread Your Bets

Don’t chuck all your funds on one horse, then cross your fingers and hope it wins. If you want to maximize your chances of a return, spread your bets across multiple horses in a race. Maybe place several different kinds of bet on a race. Bet on various races because this increases your chances of getting a win each time.

Get the Best Odds

Depending on their own opinions, research and calculations, different bookmakers will be offering different odds. Ensure you get the best odds on the bets you want to place by shopping around. The odds will affect the amount you win, so make sure they’re favorable to you.

Get to Know the Jargon

Part of what makes horse racing so daunting for beginners is all the jargon. While an explanation of all the terms is beyond this short guide’s scope, there’s plenty of glossary-style posts online. You don’t need to know it all immediately but aim to dedicate some time to learning the sport’s ins and outs as you go along. This information will help you understand the betting systems and rules so you can make smarter betting choices.

Just for fun

Many racegoers have a superstitious way of picking their horse. Such an approach adds fun to the game that can be exhilarating when you win. Maybe it’s your lucky number or favorite color. Perhaps you have a good feeling about the name of the horse. We wouldn’t recommend using this as your only method, but it can help you feel part of the culture by having a random wildcard bet for each tournament. Some people swear they can pick a winner by their gut feeling, so give it a try.

Hopefully, the tips in this quick guide help you score a win on your first few bets. While we have covered the basics here, further research will improve your knowledge and strategy over time.

John Milton
John Milton
Having worked in the marketing department at two online sports betting sites, John brings his love of sports to serve BigOnSports as chief writer. He will be researching and writing about the sports betting community to improve your experience as a sports bettor.

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