How to Become a Professional eSports Player


The world of professional esports has grown exponentially in recent years. In fact, it is estimated that over 300 million people watch online gaming sports worldwide. This has led to a firm industry with a burgeoning betting culture and players earning top dollar for their skills. If you’re interested in becoming a professional gamer, the tips below can help you get there.

Assess Your Motivation & Dedication

Becoming a professional esports player isn’t just about being good at an online game. It requires as much dedication as playing any other professional sport, which means you need to assess why you’re motivated to do it in the first place. If all you’re after is cash and fame, for example, you’ll likely fizzle out after a short amount of time. On the other hand, if you’re motivated because you love the game, you enjoy competition, and you want to become part of the wider community, then that will take you much further.

Select Your Niche

In some cases, you may be facing a professional career because you love a particular gaming niche and have become rather good at it. But if you’re new to the industry and are interested in pursuing it professionally, it’s wise to consider whether you want to pick a game that’s up and coming or one that’s well established.

The argument for the former is that pro sports gamers can advance the competitiveness of an up-and-coming game, possibly skyrocketing its success. However, this can be a more volatile choice as the game could lose its edge and popularity. Conversely, picking a game that’s well established can be easier for first-timers, especially as the platforms will already have solid infrastructure and resources. Whatever you choose, it’s worth considering the different options.

Practice, Practice, Practice

This is perhaps the most obvious tip when it comes to becoming a pro esports player. As mentioned earlier, becoming a top gamer in this industry takes a lot of dedication and practice. Pro gamers will often have a set schedule that they adhere to every day which includes hours of individual and group practice.

Another way to build practice into your routine, in the early stages, is to also play widely, especially if you don’t know what niche you’re interested in yet. This could include playing online casino games on the best sites as they are valuable for teaching skills related to strategy and risk.

Invest in the Right Tech

Having the right technology is also essential to becoming a professional esports player. Not only does your laptop or desktop need to have enough storage and memory to handle high-performance play, but you will also require a proper gaming mouse and keyboard. Without these items, you could significantly hinder your ability to play at speed.

Connect with the Community

Last, but not least, connecting with the online gaming community is another valuable way of building your career as a pro gamer. Not only does it give you access into seeing what the world of pro esports is about, but it also gets you comfortable with playing with others. Professional esports requires that you enjoy the company of other players and becoming part of this community also connects you with tips, advice, and ongoing support.