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Favorable Odds for Mayweather vs. McGregor In Offshore Market

The story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf does not apply to the superfight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Every rumor and false start only seems to hype up this crossover matchup more.

Even though we say we’re sick of hearing about it, we’re drawn to every new possible update that could bring this match-up closer to fruition. Whether it’s McGregor applying for a boxing license, or Freddie Roach–who doesn’t train either of them–stating he believes this fight will happen, we’re among the throngs of fans who click on every headline and leave their opinions in the comments.

The betting world isn’t immune either. With a possible fight this big, you know damn well that major sportsbooks are working on setting futures odds for gamblers all over the world.

A Quick Comparison of Boxing Moneylines

Westgate Las Vegas
Floyd Mayweather -2500
Conor Mcgregor +1100

Floyd Mayweather -2250
Conor McGregor +950

Floyd Mayweather -972
Conor McGregor +635

For Mayweather, One Of These Things Is Not Like the Other

All of these major sportsbooks have Mayweather as a massive favorite, but BookMaker.eu is a huge outlier with Mayweather poised to win at less than half the price of the other two sites. This is a rare occurrence: most moneylines won’t vary by more than 100 points from book to book.

Look, if you’re going to pick Mayweather, it’s going to be expensive regardless of whichever sportsbook you choose. But you know what’s worse than paying nearly $1000 to win $100? Paying more than $2000 to win the same amount.

floyd mayweather conor mcgregor fight boxing ring

You have to hand it to BookMaker for putting out such a ballsy moneyline in the face of other competitors. In fact, this same moneyline should prompt you to go and check out their entire sports betting section to see what else you should be taking advantage of.

If You’re A Bettor, What’s Next? 

Simple. If you’re one of those 1 percent of people who has stacks of cash lying around like “Money Mayweather” himself and want to place a bet on him, do it with the boxing odds at BookMaker.eu, where the return on investment is outrageously good compared to every other shop out there.

And really, do you think Mayweather–the best boxer of this generation–would lose to a boxing rookie? McGregor’s knockout reel is pure dynamite, for sure, but we’re talking two different sports here, despite the fact that both sports require these guys to put on gloves and beat each other up.

A good cricketer cannot come into the MLB and start cranking longballs off Clayton Kershaw. Roger Federer would get owned on the badminton court. Jerrod Haynes, a premier Australian rugby player, barely got playing time with the 49ers and is already out of the NFL.

If all earthly logic proves true, UFC’s Conor McGregor is going look like an amateur if and when he steps into the ring against Mayweather.  Take our advice and take advantage of the obvious.


Abe Chong
Abe Chong
Abe first encountered MMA in 2000, watching a VHS tape of Kazushi Sakuraba kicking the legs of a downed Royce Gracie in Pride Fighting Championships. He's been hooked ever since. Abe has penned NBA and NFL articles for Sports Illustrated and RotoExperts. In 2010, Abe signed on as the lead MMA writer for BigOnSports.com, and is now dedicated to helping fellow fans beat the odds.

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