MyBookie vs Bovada

Sportsbook Review: Bovada vs MyBookie

Is MyBookie better than Bovada? After testing both of these online sportsbooks over six months, Bovada (94.3%) is better than MyBookie (82.2%). Bovada delivers the ultimate package for sports bettors, including huge betting selections, fantastic pre-game and live betting platforms, excellent mobile betting, industry-leading deposit bonuses, and reliable customer service. This outstanding all-round experience makes Bovada our top overall sportsbook in 2020.

Founded in 2013, MyBookie is relatively new to the online betting space. It helped revolutionize the industry with a simple fee structure: commission-free trades in stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies. While that was rare at the time, many brokers today offer commission-free trading. Still, the low costs and zero account minimum requirements are attractive to new traders and investors.

Minimum deposit: $50
Minimum bet: $2
Maximum bet: $2,000

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Minimum deposit: $50
Minimum bet: $1 (online) $50 (phone)
Maximum bet: $2,000

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Comparing brokers side by side is no easy task. We spent hundreds of hours assessing 15 brokerages to find the best online sportsbook. Let’s compare MyBookie vs Bovada.

Is MyBookie or Bovada better for beginners?
Bovada is better for beginner investors than MyBookie. Bovada offers investors access to Sports Betting (Pre-Game and Live Betting), Racebook, Casino, and Poker.

What about MyBookie vs Bovada commission vig?
MyBookie and Bovada charge the same amount for straight bets, 10% vig. For Live Betting, both MyBookie and Bovada charge the same commission as well (10% vig). For a complete commissions summary, see our sportsbook review section.

Does MyBookie or Bovada offer a wider range of betting options?
Bovada offers a more diverse selection of betting options than MyBookie. Bovada offers bettors access to Pre-Game, Straight Bets, Parlays, Teasers, If Bets, Pleasers and Special Props. Looking at Props, Bovada boasts a larger offering of compared to MyBookie.

Which betting platform is better: MyBookie or Bovada?
To compare the betting platforms of both MyBookie and Bovada, we tested each sportsbook’s website and mobile apps. For sports betting platform, Bovada offers a better experience. With live betting, Bovada offers superior software. Finally, we found Bovada to provide a better mobile betting experience.

Which sportsbook offers better deposit and payout options?
Funding your betting account with credit card can be difficult for many bettors. Many banks will not allow gambling services purchases. While both sites have above average credit card acceptance rates, we found Bovada to have the highest acceptance rate of any online sportsbook we tested. Of course, those of you that are familiar with crypto currency can easily deposit using bitcoin, ethereum or ripple on either website.

When it comes to payouts, both Bovada and MyBookie offer same day payouts using bitcoin and at a minimal cost. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with bitcoin if you plan on betting with any offshore sports betting website.

Overall, between MyBookie and Bovada, Bovada is the better online sportsbook.

MyBookie Review
Bovada Review

Bovada is the U.S. market spin off of Bodog, which now serves only the Canadian market. Founded in 2015, it’s one of the industry giants today, with over 1 million client accounts that total more than $25 million in player balances.

In our 2020 Best Online Betting Sites reviews, MyBookie earned higher scores than Bovada in our Best for Sports Contest and Parlay Odds categories. Meanwhile, Bovada scored better than MyBookie in every other category, including Best Overall, Best for Beginners, Best Mobile Apps, Best for Pre-Game Betting, Best for International Leagues Betting, Best for Live Betting, and Best for Casino.

Overall, we found that MyBookie is a good place to get started as a new sports bettor, especially if you have a small amount to bet and plan to bet occasionally. Bovada is a much more versatile sportsbook. It’s a great option for all levels of self-directed gamblers and sports bettors who want a full suite of options and a customizable betting platform.

Bovada vs MyBookie Usability

MyBookie is user-friendly and simple to navigate, but this may be a function of its overall simplicity. The mobile site and website are similar in terms of looks and functionality, so it’s easy to move between the two interfaces. Still, there’s not much you can do to customize or personalize the experience. As far as getting started, you can open and fund a new account in a few minutes on the mobile site or desktop website.

Bovada supports both mobile and desktop platforms. Getting started is straightforward, and you can open and fund an account online or via the mobile site.

MyBookie vs Bovada Betting Experience

Desktop Experience

MyBookie offers an easy-to-use platform, but it has limited functionality compared to many sportsboks. You won’t find many customization options. The bet slip is intuitive, but betting live sports is a bit more complicated. It’s worth noting that BigOnSports’ research showed that MyBookie’s odds data lagged behind other platforms by 3 to 5 minutes. Of course, that may not be a big deal for many sports bettors, but it could be an issue for some people.

With Bovada’s desktop platform, you can customize the bet type methodology. The interface is more intuitive, easier to navigate, and you can create custom bets using its proprietary programming language. It’s easy to place straight bets, parlays, teasers, and live (in-play) bets. Neither Bovada or MyBookie offers streaming real-time video on live betting as neither have deals in place with any of the major leagues.

Mobile Experience

MyBookie has one mobile app. Bovada offers two: the beginner-friendly Bovada Mobile App and Sharp Mobile—designed for active bettors. While both sportsbooks have well-designed apps that are easy to use and navigate, Bovada comes out ahead in terms of customization and functionality. Both sportsbooks offer streaming real-time scores for mobile, and you can bet the same games on mobile as on the standard platforms.

Bovada vs My Bookie Range of Offerings

MyBookie supports a limited range of sporting events—you can bet NFL, college football (NCAAF), NBA, college basketball (NCAAB), MLB, NHL, UFC, golf and tennis. Its crypto offerings include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Litecoin (LTC). Bovada offers all of the sports leagues you’d expect from a large sportsbook, including MLS Soccer, European Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Motor Racing and Entertainment Props.

Bovada vs MyBookie Bet Types

With MyBookie, you can place straight bets, over and under, parlays, teasers, if-bets and pleasers on the website and mobile platforms. It doesn’t support if-bets on either platform.

Bovada offers a bigger selection of bet types, including all the usual suspects, plus cash-out and action points. There are no restrictions on bet types on the mobile platform, and you can stage bets for later entry on all platforms.

Bovada vs MyBookie Fees 

MyBookie’s betting fees are uncomplicated: You can bet sports (pre-game and live) for 10% commission vig. Bovada offers 10% commissions for sports betting (Pre-game and Live In-Play).

Bovada vs MyBookie Customer Service

MyBookie routes its customer service through the app and website (you can’t call for help since there’s no inbound phone number). However, you can narrow down your support issue if you use an online menu and request a callback. Bovada has 24/7 phone support and chatbots on Twitter and Facebook Messenger. Live chat is supported on mobile, and a virtual client service agent provides automated support online.

Bovada vs MyBookie Security

Bovada’s security is up to industry standards. You can log into the app with biometric (face or fingerprint) recognition, and you’re protected against account losses due to unauthorized or fraudulent activity. MyBookie’s technical security is up to standards, but it’s lacking.

Through December 2020, neither sportsbook had any significant data breaches reported.

Our Verdict

With a straightforward app and website, MyBookie doesn’t offer many bells and whistles. But if you’re brand new to investing and are starting with a small balance, MyBookie could be a good place to gain experience before you switch to a more versatile sportsbook. Due to its comprehensive sports betting offerings, live betting intuitive platform, Bovada is our top choice for beginners. Bovada is also a good option for more experienced sports bettors who are interested in making serious money like the sharp, professional gamblers.

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