#3. MyBookie

MyBookie Review: Top Sports Betting Sites

Established in 2014, MyBookie is relatively new to the market, but has quickly become one of the industry’s leading online sports betting sites. Although their .AG domain implies they are domiciled out of Antigua, they are actually located in the gaming-friendly jurisdiction of Costa Rica.

What We Like

Sports bettors can feel reassured that they are playing with a safe and secure online bookmaker that is recognized as one of the most respected online entertainment companies and best betting websites. MyBookie understands that customer service is extremely important to today’s sports bettors and strives to offer exceptional customer service that you’d expect from a top sportsbook.

Mobile Friendly

MyBookie has a modern and mobile friendly betting site, with a user-friendly betting interface. MyBookie is mainly a sportsbook, providing odds on every major sporting event, in a variety of wagering types but they also offer casino as well as exceptional racebook betting, where players can bet on thoroughbred and harness racing at all major North American tracks.




MyBookie offers one of the highest bonuses in the industry with a generous welcome bonus of 50%, up to $1,000 for first time depositors, as well as a 20% cash bonus, up to $500, for re-loads.mybookie-review

What We Don’t Like

There are not many major issues to complain about, but some players might be concerned that MyBookie offers a relatively small selection of international sports for players that enjoy betting on those markets. They focus more on the U.S. sports markets.

Sharp Bettors vs Casual Bettors at MyBookie

Another potential issue for some might be that they do not accept wagers from players they deem to be ‘sharp’. In fact, on their homepage footer they state:

“MyBookie is a world class sportsbook that caters specifically to recreational gamblers. We do not accept wagers from professional bettors, sharp side moverssyndicate or propositional players. MYB reserves the right to deny action or payments at any time. If any of these activities occur, then all plays will be void and the original funds will be sent back to the player.“

Be wary if you think you might fall into this category, and go elsewhere. We would recommend Bookmaker.eu for these types of players – they accept both recreational and professional players and never kick out any winning players.



MyBookie Overview

Minimum Wager

MyBookie accepts minimum wagers of $10 and maximum wagers of $1000 online. They claim to have no limits for wagers made over the phone.

Wagering Options

  • Straights
  • Totals
  • Moneylines
  • Parlays
  • Action Points
  • Open Wagers
  • Teasers
  • If Bets
  • Reverses
  • Buy Points
  • Round Robins
  • Futures
  • Props and Live Betting

Sports You Can Wager

  • NFL Football
  • College Football
  • NBA Basketball
  • College Basketball
  • WNBA Basketball
  • NHL Hockey
  • MLB Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Motor Sports
  • Boxing
  • Horse Racing
  • Olympics
  • Mixed Martial Arts

Minimum Deposits

Minimum $50 USD. Maximum $5,000 USD.

Deposit Methods Accepted

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank Wires
  • Person-to-Person Money Transfer
  • Cashier checks (available immediately upon receipt)

 MyBookie Casino Sign-up Offer

MyBookie offers new casino players a free 50% bonus up to $1000, as well as frequent generous weekly promotions, free bet offers and prizes.

Mobile Betting

MyBookie has a mobile friendly website that allows you to bet from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Live Betting

Live betting is available for major sporting events including NFL and NCAA Football.




Deposit Bonuses
Customer Service
Deposits & Payouts
Software & Interface
Sports Betting Features
Mobile Betting
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  1. MyBookie.ag : Terrible payouts
    On Sept 30, 2017 I requested my $400 balance to be payed out via bitcoin.
    Auto response email ‘Please send a copy of your drivers license and credit card before we can process your request”. No big deal, i make a quick scan to a pdf of the requested documents and submit them via email. Three days go by and i hear nothing. Go to their site and submit another request for payout. Auto response ‘Please allow 24 hours to process your request’ So (following instructions) once a day i request and once a day i am told to allow 24 hours. I send in direct emails asking for an update nothing. Weeks go by with no response to several mails and repeated failed attempts to request the money via website. I finally call customer service, friendly rep examines the record ‘Well i’m not sure what happened but I will get this processed’ Cool. Wait two days and no bitcoins show up. I log on to the site and this time my balance shows 0…hmmm, progress? maybe they just process slowly. Wait another day nothing. I call again, another rep ‘Not sure what happened but my supervisor says they are transferring it and it should show up in 15 min. I wait a day and nothing. It is now Oct 21(3 weeks in). Till now i’ve been patient as its only a $400 payout. I call again and calmly try to explain whats going on to the rep. Im put on hold for 15 min and suddenly cut off. I call again and once again make my case, put on hold and the rep comes back…’OK sir, please refresh your page and you should see your $400 balance show up. Refresh and the 400 is back. WTF!? “Sir i’m requesting a payout not depositing.” ‘Ah then you can just follow the payout process on the website’ WHAT!?, i’m back where i started 3 weeks ago? So I ask him how long it will take. ‘Well sir, it takes 3 business days to review a request for a payout, as its Saturday you should expect it around Wednesday.’
    No, apology for inconvenience, no explanation of why a simple bitcoin deposit has stymied them so.
    Shit. No doubt come Wednesday (5 days away) I again will have to go through this runaround.
    Im pissed now. For a business who’s business is money they seem to do a piss poor job of managing it.

    Derek Phelps MyBookie.ag Account ending in 8872

    Update : 10/23 On my last mail I told them that if there is some problem processing bitcoins they could just issue a credit to the credit card that i made the initial deposit with if it would expedite things. Got a quick response that they have decided to refund the $400 to my credit card but be patient, that in some cases it takes up to 22 days to process. I immediately respond back STOP! go ahead and proceed with the bitcoin transfer as that way i at least have a confirmation that the $ was sent. They reply ‘Oh, Sorry, the refund was just issued and we cannot reverse it now.’ (uh…bullshit. I have had several merchant accounts and you have full control of refunds provided they havent processed through settlement to the customers account) I get no transaction number, no case id, no tracking, etc. Been down this road before with vendors waiting out the clock to prevent chargebacks. I have thrown up my hands and just now reversed the charge with my Citi card.

  2. I have been waiting for 4 weeks to get my payout from Mybookie. I have chatted with Mybookie on three occasions and they keep telling me I should receive my money the following Monday or Tuesday. This is insane. I will never use them again.

    • Hi Betting Demon, email me (info@bigonsports.com) your MyB account and name and I will follow up with them and see whats going on.