Sports Betting: What to Bet On This Week

As we reach Week 3 of the COVID-19 lockdown that has crippled the sporting and sports gambling world, things are not looking good for a quick resolution. However, all is not lost for those looking to throw down on sporting events this week. That’s right, there are still games being played with betting lines for them available at online sportsbooks. For obvious reasons esports has emerged as one of the hottest betting options with a full slate of leagues and games this week. It may not be the real thing, but at least it’s something to tide the betting public over until things return to a sense of normalcy, whenever that may be.


With the sports world shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, esports has taken center stage on the gaming and betting front. Esports has a tremendous following and has grown in popularity over the last few weeks since it’s one of the few games die hard gamblers can still wager on. And we could say gamers are doing their part to flatten the curve since a computer console is used from the comfort of home or a controlled environment.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the most heavily bet game in the esports community. is offering spread, total and moneyline odds for a number of games this week. Surprisingly there are several leagues and teams in competitive video gaming around the globe. The ESL Pro League Europe and North America continue Season 11 of CS:GO.

A few other leagues like Flashpoint and E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA) have some of the best CS:GO battles scheduled. The Finnish Telia Esports Series is underway with betting odds available for matches streamed on Twitch.

There are other games being played other than CS:GO. Gamers are also competing in League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Starcraft 2 among others. And, you got it, odds for those encounters are available at online sportsbooks.

Check out the latest eSports betting odds.

Sports Sims

With nearly the entire country on lockdown, simulated sporting events have also become popular in recent weeks. Betting on sports sims allows fans to join in the fun of an actual event from games like Madden NFL 20, NBA2K20, MLB The Show 20 and NHL20. It’s about as realistic as we’re going to get while everyone hunkers down.

It seems as though most of the sports television channels are showing classic games from years past and obviously we can’t wager on those. Put the computer in simulation mode and watch the Baltimore Ravens take on the Kansas City Chiefs. You can wager on these games. The MLB season was supposed to start for real last week. It has begun on the simulated version. Place your wager at and watch the simulated matchups on

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It’s not the NBA and it’s not a simulation. You can get your basketball fix via the Chinese Taipei Super Basketball League. The SBL is the top tier semi-pro league in Taiwan consisting of five teams. Four games are scheduled this week with two contests on Monday and two more on Tuesday. Spreads, totals and moneylines are offered for every matchup at

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The number of soccer matches to wager on has dwindled now that the Australian A-League shuttered its season. Now fans are turning to Belarus to fill the void. The Belarusian Premier League will continue with matches despite the coronavirus outbreak with no intention of postponing or canceling the season that started earlier this month.

One of the least glamorous leagues in Europe with teams rarely enjoying international success, the Premier League has risen to the top of the soccer world. The games continue starting Friday with odds available at

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Bettors don’t get the immediate satisfaction, but there are a number of futures bets for a wide variety of sports available at There’s a good chance the NFL season doesn’t get impacted the way other leagues have by the pandemic. Thus, oddsmakers have Super Bowl LV odds, AFL and NFL conference champion odds and division odds posted. Recently we saw win totals for every team surface.

We expect to have a Major League Baseball season, though the number of games played will be less in 2020. That hasn’t prevented sportsbooks from posting World Series odds, as well as National League and American League pennant and division odds. You can also put a futures bet on the NL and AL MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year award winners.

Check out the latest Futures betting odds.

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