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Patriots Open up as +650 Favorites to Repeat on Super Bowl Odds

If you haven’t heard by now, the Patriots are the champions of the world. But already, the first question on the minds of bettors and football fans everywhere is whether they’re going to be able to do it again.

Check out the NFL futures odds on all 32 teams to reach the ultimate pinnacle of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl 52.

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New England Patriots (+650)

Tom Brady is back. Bill Belichick is back. Is there anything else you need to know about the Patriots odds for 2018?

Dallas Cowboys (+1200)

You’d like to think that Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott will only improve in Year 2, but how much better could this team be than it was this year?

Atlanta Falcons (+1200)

History suggests that the Falcons will fall off next year even after coming so close to winning it all in the Super Bowl odds. It’ll take a lot for Matty Ice and the gang to stay on top.

Green Bay Packers (+1200)

Relax. Aaron Rodgers will get the Packers back to the Promised Land at some point in the not-so-distant future.

Seattle Seahawks (+1500)

You just have to wonder if this defense has hit the end of the road as a dominant force after a suspect end of the season with Kam Chancellor out.

Denver Broncos (+1700)

This defense is Super Bowl LII caliber. This offense? It was a train wreck. If Tony Romo comes to the Rockies, he could pull a Peyton Manning and lead this team to the Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+1800)

Pittsburgh was the top threat to New England this year, but it didn’t exactly come close to beating the Pats either time.

Kansas City Chiefs (+2000)

Alex Smith and Andy Reid might be great, but they’re never winning a Super Bowl.

New York Giants (+2000)

We’re not ever dismissing Eli Manning from winning a Super Bowl. And don’t forget that this team did beat Dallas twice this year.

Oakland Raiders (+2000)

If Derek Carr didn’t get hurt, this team could have contended. Oakland/Vegas is only going to get better from here.

Indianapolis Colts (+3000)

Chuck Pagano – for some God unknown reason – is back as the head coach of the Colts to ruin yet another year in the prime of Andrew Luck.

Carolina Panthers (+3000)

The Panthers are good candidates to rebound and become Super Bowl contenders again after losing the Super Bowl two years ago and failing to make the playoffs last year.

Minnesota Vikings (+3000)

If the Vikes couldn’t make the playoffs after starting at 5-0, when will they? Especially without Teddy Bridgewater?

Arizona Cardinals (+3500)

It seems like Carson Palmer is set to retire, and that would leave a gaping hole at the quarterback spot on a team that certainly had some cracks all over the field this year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+4000)

The Bucs are going to be trendy for sure after a good season last year where they were at least still mathematically alive going into the last week of the season. Jameis Winston is only getting better from here.

Baltimore Ravens (+4000)

You think of the Ravens as a model organization, but when was the last time this team was really any good?

Houston Texans (+4000)

If Brock Osweiler turned out to be worth $72 million, the Texans could have reached the Super Bowl last year. Their defense is flat out that good.

Philadelphia Eagles (+4500)

Carson Wentz will continue to improve, but the Eagles still feel like the third best team at best in the NFC East.

Miami Dolphins (+5000)

Does anyone even remember that the Dolphins were in the playoffs a few weeks ago?

Tennessee Titans (+5000)

Tennessee played really well down the stretch of the season, and if Marcus Mariota comes back from a bad knee injury healthy, this could be the best team in the lousy AFC South.

Washington Redskins (+6000)

You like that football betting price on Washington? Kirk Cousins has proven that he’s a franchise quarterback, but Washington isn’t a Super Bowl contender with or without him.

Cincinnati Bengals (+7000)

The Bengals are better than 70 to 1 suggests, but Marvin Lewis still has never won a playoff game.

Detroit Lions (+7000)

Matt Stafford has this team going in the right direction, but there’s a long way to go to get the Lions to the Super Bowl.

New Orleans Saints (+7000)

The Saints can outscore anyone. Just one problem. Anyone can outscore the Saints.

Buffalo Bills (+8000)

It’s never a good sign when you don’t know who your quarterback is going to be. Tyrod Taylor might be the man, but whether he is or isn’t, this team isn’t better than New England.

Los Angeles Chargers (+8000)

The Chargers were the unluckiest team in the NFL in 2016. Maybe a move and a new coach will be what the doctor ordered to change this club’s luck.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+10000)

Shad Khan thinks the Jags are close to Super Bowl 2018. We want what he’s having.

Chicago Bears (+12500)

John Fox and the whole staff are basically on notice that the Bears have to improve this year or heads are rolling.

New York Jets (+15000)

Todd Bowles knows that he has a lot of work to do to rebuild both sides of this ball.

Los Angeles Rams (+15000)

You hate to say that Jared Goff is already a bust, but that’s what it feels like.

San Francisco 49ers (+30000)

We’re pretty sure that Jim Harbaugh is sending a Michigan visor and a pair of khakis to Santa Clara every week.

Cleveland Browns (+30000)

This is football’s version of the 76ers’ “Process.” Will the Browns ever get to the NFL playoffs again?

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