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Top 10 Super Bowl Prop Bets

It’s coming. It’s just a few more days away. For as great as it is to have two weeks for teams to prepare for the Super Bowl, the wait for fans can be agonizing. The Pro Bowl isn’t enough to keep our football appetites whetted, and the second week before Super Bowl 51 feels like it drags on like a bad hangover. We just want football!

But alas, with still a few days left to go before the big one kicks off, we’ve got a chance to sit down and look at some of our favorite Super Bowl props for the year.

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LeGarrette Blount: Longest Rush Over 15.5 Yards

Patriots vs Falcons: Super Bowl 51 Props

He’s a hammer for sure, and we think that Blount could be a real force in this game. He’s sort of been left out in the cold in favor of Dion Lewis, but one of the ways that the Patriots can certainly beat you is by pounding the rock. Don’t fret if Blount doesn’t have his big run through three quarters. It’s the fourth this bet is for when the Falcons are worn down.

Taylor Gabriel: Over 3.5 Receptions

Taylor Gabriel NFL Betting Props

Gabriel is nothing more than a change of pace at wide receiver, but if we go under the assumption that Julio Jones is going to be taken away as much as possible, he could be the beneficiary. Remember that Atlanta loves to get the ball in Gabriel’s hands in space, and those little bubble screens all count as receptions. This should be the day that Gabriel gets involved in this offense again after two lackluster games to open the postseason.

Dion Lewis: Under 38.5 Rushing Yards

Dion Lewis Super Bowl 51 Odds Props

See: Blount, LeGarrette. Let’s also not count James White out of this equation as well, though he’s been a bit of a forgotten man in this offense, too. We’re not going to list White as one of our top Super Bowl betting props, but we could easily see him going over his totals, too.

Matt Ryan: Under 2.5 Touchdown Passes

Matt Ryan: Super Bowl Prop Bets

The Patriots flat out don’t allow teams to score 20 points in games. The last time New England gave up three offensive touchdowns in a game was back on November 13 against Seattle. In a related story, that was the last time it lost, too. Sure, the Falcons are the best team in the bunch the Pats have played in that stretch, but three passing touchdowns is a lot in any game.

Matt Bryant: More Points Scored Than Stephen Gostkowski

Patriots vs Falcons: Points Scored Football Betting Props

Part of the reason why the Patriots have won so many games is because their red zone defense is so darn good. Bend, but don’t break. That’s Matt Patricia’s M.O. The Falcons finished the year fourth in total field goals made this year, seven more than New England. And Bryant is a dog in this Super Bowl LI prop? Yes, please.

Mohamed Sanu (+12.5 Receiving Yards) vs. Chris Hogan

Receivers: NFL Props for Super Bowl 51

Hogan is one of these men who has really busted out in recent weeks for the Pats. But just when you think you know what’s coming for New England, something doesn’t happen. We think there’s a chance, albeit a small one, that Hogan is just sort of forgotten in this game. Sanu is the No. 2 receiver, and just like with Gabriel, if Jones is taken away, he could be the beneficiary.

New England Patriots Over 120.5 Rushing Yards

New England Patriots Super Bowl Odds Betting Props

The NFL betting price of +150 is what makes this so appealing. Sure, the Pats are known for their passing game, but they did rank No. 7 in the NFL in rushing at 117.0 yards per game and are going against a defense that has been weak in the front seven this year against the run.

You can bet that Bill Belichick is going to be calling several running plays right at Vic Beasley to try to neutralize one of the best pass rushers in the NFL.

“Matty Ice” To Be Said During the Broadcast

Matty Ice Super Bowl 51 Betting Props

The price isn’t nearly as appealing now at -349 as it was at -140 when it opened, but we still can’t see a situation that Joe Buck or Troy Aikman doesn’t end up uttering Ryan’s nickname at some point along the way.

No Player To Break Super Bowl Record of 414 Passing Yards

NFL Odds Super Bowl 51 Odds: Betting Facts

This prop has been controversial for sure at What was once set at “No” -1500 is now set at -650. Is it a slam dunk that neither Brady nor Ryan will throw for 415 yards? Of course not. But you’re talking about getting 15 percent on your return of investment. Brady didn’t throw for 415 yards in a game this year, and Ryan only did it once. We like our odds.

A Player To Break Super Bowl Record of 4 Field Goals

See: Bryant, Matt. Again, it’s surely no lock that Bryant is going to kick five field goals in this game, but the one thing we know about the Falcons is that they can move the football and will do so against New England. Of course, five field goals is a stretch, but this is a fun lottery pick type of prop at +670, and Bryant has a legitimate chance to do it in our eyes.

For a complete list of available Super Bowl 51 odds, check our Super Bowl 51 Props.

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