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When he started out in the NBA with the Oklahoma City Thunder, James Harden was a very good basketball player. However, he had to play as the team’s third-best scoring option behind superstars Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. In the 2012 NBA Finals, he even had to come off the bench for starter Thabo Sefolosha. However, when he was traded to the Houston Rockets in the summer of 2012, he finally emerged as a superstar himself. Now, he is one of the most feared scorers in the NBA, an annual lock for the All-Star team, and recently signed a $200 million contract with Adidas!

Much like Harden needed a trade to the Rockets to come into his own as an NBA superstar, TopBet.eu has quickly yet quietly become a well-recognized powerhouse in the sports betting industry. While other sites have faltered and lost the trust of the betting public, they have remained an icon in the world of sports betting.

What makes Harden such a simple yet feared player is his solid play. He won’t make SportsCenter on incredible dunks or buzzer beating shots, but he is admired because he does everything well, and is a team leader. In this sense, TopBet may not be a flashy site, but they are incredibly solid and respected, with admirable deals. They offer ludicrous bonuses, and they also offer as much as 50 percent off of their primary $250 bonus deposit. Furthermore, they also offer a promise on the better’s primary wager: if the better loses the primary wager – up to a whopping $100 – they will receive a free play valued at the same amount!

James Harden is a very good passer, but it is safe to say that his court vision is nowhere near as good as elite passing guards like Steph Curry, Rajon Rondo, and Chris Paul. This is similar to the fact that the site has numerous different choices for deposit, but nothing out of the ordinary that would truly impress the better. Both debit and credit cards, as well as bank wiring, are accepted, which is standard but impressive nonetheless, and most of these methods let you start wagering immediately. However, your deposit amounts must be at least $50, and you must also have at least a $300 deposit to eliminate this requirement.

In the same way Harden’s overall game is amazingly smooth and slick, the site offers bonuses and other incentives that are also smooth and slick, as evidenced by their 100 percent deposit match and 5-time rollover amount. Though standard reloads are 10 percent, this site offers a 30 percent reload, as well as incredible promotion options. Their customer support staff is incredibly affable and helpful, so you know that you’ll get the best possible service every time.

The site offers incredible betting options for numerous sports, particularly basketball, baseball, and football, the staples of American sports and sports betting, including great discounts if you place your wager very early on, although they are known for charging some minor fees on betting, which is standard by online sports betting companies. You can also wager on small time sports like badminton and volleyball, and even non-sports related events, like who will gain an acting role in an upcoming movie. It should be noted, however, that the site strongly encourages wagering on the underdog, and they have been known to even take drastic steps towards ensuring that their betters do so. If you are leaning heavily towards picking a favorite in a game, beware of this.

While the site does not offer a race book, their casino is friendly and attractive, which caters to all kinds of players, whether you are a hardcore, big time player or simply someone trying to start out. Payouts are a little complicated, as they generally come attached with fees, and it may take as long as 8 days to receive your payout.

Like all NBA superstars, James Harden took time to develop, even though he was always a very good basketball player. In this sense, the site has developed into a “star” among sports betting sites, even though it has always been a very good sports betting site. They have nowhere to go but up, and it is easy to say that they will go up in the very near future!


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