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Trump Claims War Time Presidency as Biden is Hidin’

Even the harshest and most unfair critics of President Trump, CNN, praised the President last week for his leadership during the coronavirus crisis.  CNN anchor Dana Bash said that Trump was the right kind of leader at the current  time.  Democrat governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsome of California raved about how good and reliable the Trump Administration has been as a partner in fighting the pandemic.  Even vicious critics of the President such as US Representative Ilhan Omar praised Trump for his “incredible” response.  Another Trump hater, Al Sharpton, added that it was good of Trump to discuss the situation with him.

Trump emphatically stated that COVID-19 is an invisible enemy and that he is “war time president.”  Nobody disagreed.  Trump has been throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the problem.

Meanwhile on the Democrat side, presumptive nominee Joe Biden has been hard to find.  Even so-called “journalists” who are his advocates and allies have been wondering why he won’t face the press.  The answer of course is obvious; it would be a bad idea that could become a catastrophe for his campaign.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Winning Party: 

Democrats -108

Republicans -111

Other +23,500

Next President Elected:

Donald Trump -110, Joe Biden -103, Bernie Sanders +10000, Hillary Clinton +7500, Mike Pence +7000, Nikki Haley +20000, Kamala Harris +25000, Michelle Obama +23000

2020 Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee Odds: 

Elizabeth Warren +1150, Val Demings +1650, Kamala Harris +170, Amy Klobuchar +265, Stacey Abrams -425, Michelle Obama +2200,

Total War

President Trump has been using an “All the Above” approach in fighting COVID-19.  Economic stimulus, war powers to use private industry in fighting the pandemic, executive orders and multiple bills that would give financial aid to struggling Americans hammered hard economically by the coronavirus are all part of his arsenal.

The President quickly turned a negative into a positive and has surpassed 55% on his public approval ratings in handling the crisis.

Eventually, however, the rubber is going to meet the road on the economy.  America is going to have to get moving again and President Trump is going to have to find a responsible solution at addressing that fact.

Additionally, the annihilation of 401k retirement savings accounts for real every day Americans and increased unemployment will take hold and become economic factors.  Right now, Trump is being praised for his aggressive action.  But if the economic worm doesn’t turn the Democrats and media will turn all of their firepower on the President.

Fiery Press Conferences

The American “News” media, which originally labeled the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus” upon its outbreak, has since turned and tried to label Trump a racist for using the term.  Trump opened both barrels upon the “journalists” involved and their hypocrisy.

The daily news briefings on the coronavirus have done much to bump up Trump’s approval rating and once again expose the “news” media for being Democrats with by-lines.  In fact, the President has done so well at the press conferences that CNN and MSNBC stopped carrying them.  Quite a decision, all things considered, when Americans are needing updates and proposals to help them.

Hidin’ Biden

For the second consecutive election cycle the Democrats are about to nominate a candidate that rates best when they are not seen or heard.  Hillary Clinton was a loathsome candidate that always had her approval ratings fall when she spoke.  Biden has the same problem, with the added time bombs of being a gaffe machine and having literal brain freezes in the middle of sentences.

Thus, outside of a couple of fake shadow updates on COVID-19 that were heavily staged and orchestrated, he is off the grid.  This is a preview of the campaign to come where the Democrats are forced to hide Biden and do everything that they can to limit his access to the public.

A recent example of why Uncle Joe can’t be let out of the attic was an encounter with a Michigan auto worker in which the entitled Biden showed his inner Swampy self.  The former vice president scolded the man for being “full of s***.”  The encounter was indicative of the Beltway establishment’s attitude about everyday voters and their concerns, which is why Trump is President.

Sara Spencer
Sara Spencer
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