2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Biden and Trump Remain Steady with Oddsmakers 

It has been a remarkable couple of weeks in regards to the betting odds on the 2020 United States Presidential election. The price used to fluctuate wildly, almost by the day, but has since stabilized even as events remain quite unstable.  More than anything else this is reflective of a gambling public that is likely going to take more of a wait and see approach going forward.  For the first several months of the year, election bettors would constantly react to news events. That has apparently played itself out as COVID-19 along with civic unrest have worn out handicappers from trying to assess a never-ending roller-coaster ride.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump +135

Joe Biden -150

All Others +5000

(2020 US Presidential Election:  Tuesday, November 3, 2020  )

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Joe Biden remains a small betting favorite against Donald Trump with no change in price over the last week.  The lack of fluctuation is indicative of public fatigue from it all and the acknowledgement that November 3 is still light years, or make that Trump Years, away from happening.  The one thing that 2020 has taught all is that events are more unpredictable than ever before.  Add the volatile nature of President Trump to the mix and you have a tough handicap for even the shrewdest of gamblers and pols.

Pennsylvania Not Falling for China Joe

Former Vice President Joe Biden has many faults.  He is a gas bag gaffe machine, a verbal jumbler and bumbler, and a documented multiple-time plagiarizer.  He is also a blue-collar phony of the first rank.  Biden has roots to Scranton, Pennsylvania and has tried to play to that as a man of the people.  Which is a laughable farce for a man that served in Washington, DC as a United States Senator and Vice President from 1973-2017.

Joe Biden served in Washington, DC as a United States Senator and Vice President from 1973-2017.

In 2016 one of the most stunning results of Donald Trump’s upset win was when he captured the state of Pennsylvania.  Along the same lines were Trump wins in Michigan and Wisconsin.  Such states had not gone Republican since the 1980’s.  And the reason that they abandoned the Democrats was based in large part due to the destructive policies of Joe Biden and Barack Obama towards United States manufacturing.  Obama and Biden were full throttle globalists eager and willing to sell out American jobs to China.  Another factor killing off factory work was the Democrats full embrace of the “green” movement.  In fact, Biden has bragged over the past year that he would gladly sacrifice manufacturing jobs for the environment.

Somehow, stories are getting past the “news” media running as blockers for Biden about blue collar workers in Pennsylvania not falling For Beijing Biden’s act of being on their side.  They get that Biden brings policies that would destroy their jobs that Trump has preserved.  Wisconsin and Michigan are similar type states to Pennsylvania and will also have doubts about Biden selling their jobs out to the green movement and China.  After all he has a 40-year record of doing so.

Trump Cracks Down on Portland

Left wing violence led by ANTIFA has forced President Trump to take a more aggressive approach at protecting the innocent there.  It has not helped that Portland’s Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler has long been accommodating to the violent left.  Last week Trump had rioters arrested and dealt with by federal officials in unmarked cars.  Wheeler whined for Trump to remove the feds, even as they were protecting a federal government building in Portland that Wheeler was apparently willing to sacrifice to ANTIFA and related left-wing anarchist groups.

Last week Trump had rioters arrested and dealt with by federal officials in unmarked cars.

Trump has caught a lot of flack from his base for being too passive about violence in Democrat dominated cities that won’t do anything to stop it.  Now that he has taken action there have been the predictable shallow screams about “storm troopers,” “fascism” and “authoritarianism.”

Upcoming Factors to Consider

In the weeks ahead the economic recovery from COVID-19 will have a major impact on the election and betting odds.  Peace and tranquility will also help Trump’s cause.  If people feel they are going back to work with jobs that will last in cities not raging on fire Trump will benefit.