2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Biden Bounce Lacks at DNC Convention as Trump Continues to Gain


Certainly, the year 2020 has flipped the script in so many aspects of American life.  The new normal is that there is no normal.  Ands that certainly extends to the political battlefield as the 2020 election looms.  President Donald Trump began the year as a solid favorite to win reelection.  He was powered by the best economy since Richard Nixon’s 1969 powerhouse.  He also had the issue of peace on his side.  Then came COVID-19 with love from China.  And things have never been the same since.

At the beginning of the week as the Democrat National Convention opened Trump was a slight underdog.  He remains the pup though by not as much.  Any political convention usually gives the candidate a “bump” in the polls.  In Joe Biden’s case he has actually dropped.  The hideous choice of Kamala Harris as vice presidential nominee drew gamblers away from the former vice president.  Also problematic is Biden’s cognitive degeneration.  He is not fooling voters.  Polls show most American believe he has dementia and that if elected he won’t finish his term.  Which ignites the terrifying prospect of the totally unprepared and unqualified Harris to become Commander in Chief.

2020 US Presidential Odds Overview and Analysis

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump +120

Joe Biden -133

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

In the last three weeks President Trump has gained 50 cents in the eyes of gamblers.  Joe Biden has been largely kept under wraps in his Delaware house bunker and Harris was an utter flop when she ran for the Democrat nomination earlier this year.  The stock market has largely recovered from the coronavirus crash with unemployment and housing numbers moving strong in Trump’s direction.

No Ideas Except Orange Man Bad

Outside of defunding and demonizing the police along with promises of giving health care benefits to illegal aliens the Democrats offered little in the way of actual ideas at their convention.  The main focus was their never-ending deranged ranting and raving hatred of President Trump.

Obamas Take Break from Billionaire Lifestyle for Grievances

Many stars of the Democrat past came to whine, sneer, complain and carp this week.  Michelle Obama, one of the most privileged and wealthy women in world history, pontificated and laid out her perpetual grievances.  Former President Barack Obama gave another boring projection filled lecture about Trump’s inferiority.

This comes on the heels of news that showed the Obamas are building their second oceanfront mansion, this one in Hawaii on the Pacific, as they were able to kill off environmental regulations to speed up the project.  Last year the Obamas purchased a lavish estate in Martha’s Vineyard on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.  And let’s not forget the walled off and gated Washington, DC estate residence they luxuriate in.  Obama has long warned Americans that Global warming will flood the coasts and that they must sacrifice and give up their life styles to stem the tide.  But while everyone else has to take one for the team Barack and Michelle get to have theirs.

Clinton’s Wont’ Go Away

Just as obnoxious were speeches by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Former President Bill had the audacity to complain about Trump’s Presidential conduct.  Hillary still clings to her bitterness at losing the election to Trump in the biggest upset in modern electoral history.  What was missing were positive ideas about the future and America in general.

Harris Falls Flat

Kamala Harris’ first national address was shrill and divisive and a great introduction into just how shallow she actually is.  A world class demagogue. her background from coming out of a one party hard left lawless state such as California brings nothing to the table.

Biden Gains Nothing

A national political convention is a four-day infomercial at network expense.  It’s a golden opportunity for a party to put its best foot forward.  The Democrats wasted their opportunity with the bitterness, arrogance, and condescension for which they are famous.  Worse still is the fact that they don’t come off as being on the side of the American people.  Biden is being seen more and more as a puppet for the extreme hard left.  Trump has been given the initiative.