2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Biden Plagiarizes Trump’s 2016 America First Campaign


As perpetually arrogant and self-assured as the Democrats are it is interesting to note that their presumptive nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, a confirmed and documented plagiarist, is at it once again.  This past week Biden promised a Buy American agenda that could have been page one from President Trump’s playbook.  Whether Biden really believes any of this is highly doubtful.  All things considered he probably doesn’t even comprehend it.  But the folks running his campaign are smart enough to realize they must appeal to states such as blue-collar Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  Trump’s stunning upset win in 2016 was based in large part because he promised to bring back factory-type jobs.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Joe Biden -150
Donald Trump +135
All Others +5000

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview

It was another erratic week for President Trump.  Excellent, visionary, and deep speeches at Mount Rushmore and on the Fourth of July were undermined by more unforced errors such as tweeting about NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace and the infamous “noose” controversy.  Biden continues to be locked in his Delaware bunker, let out about once a week to read a script prepared by his handlers.

Biden Tries to Whitewash a 40-Year Record of Globalism

Joe Biden was elected to the United States Senate in 1972 and served there until 2008 when he was elected as Barack Obama’s Vice President.  For 40 years Biden’s record is one of being a globalist and free trader.  One of the odd aspects of Biden’s image is that he is a blue-collar guy originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Every election cycle Biden plays that role and cons a lot of voters with his faux plain-spoken ways. Yet in his two terms as Vice President under Obama the shipping of jobs out of the country was the most pronounced in American history.  Which left the vacuum open for Trump.

Low Information Voters and Steno Pool Media

What Biden’s campaign is counting on is conning low information voters that get their “news” and “information” from “journalists” that are nothing but paid publicists of the Democrat party.  It is a rationale play on their part.  Since Trump took office the normal hard left bias of the “news” media has now gone blatantly out in the open.  “Journalists” no longer even try to pretend to be fair, which of course they never were.  Now they are outright carrying the Democrat’s water.  The latest scam has been not telling the American people about favorable economic numbers that have emerged since the country reopened.  It wasn’t considered “news” worthy.

Trump All Over the Map

President Trump hasn’t exactly been helping himself with the erratic tweeting on topics that often don’t appeal to what Americans are actually caring about.  He had an excellent meeting with the President of Mexico and the economic numbers have been favorable, though still with a long way to go as far as full recovery.  But getting into a snit with a NASCAR driver at this time is an utter waste of energy and a news cycle.

At the end of the week Trump announced that he will be submitting an executive order on immigration that would seem to clear the way for the controversial DACA residents to stay.  Trump was strongly against DACA, which President Obama illegally implemented, during the 2016 campaign.  Why the change?  It has supporters shaking their heads and wondering just who is advising the President.  How can he correctly rant and rave that Obama broke the law only to later implement executive action to preserve the illegal act.  Further, wasn’t “legal” immigration a cornerstone to his campaign?

Bannon Criticizes Lack of Action

Steve Bannon, Trump’s campaign manager in 2016, recently had critical remarks about Trump’s lack of action on key issues.  He said there is too much tweeting and bombast from Trump and that instead of rallies the President should use a “Rose Garden Strategy” of policy implementation.

Many Trump supporters have been frustrated at the President being too passive about riots and looting. They want a more aggressive and confrontational approach.  Its now becoming apparent that Trump is playing to moderate voters.