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2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Biden Slip Sliding Away as Cuomo Exposed

The news keeps getting worse for the Democrats in regards to their 2020 Presidential election prospects.  CNN, a “news” network that has become a 24/7 informercial for the Democrats released a poll that had Donald Trump behind in the meaningless popular vote but utterly dominating presumptive nominee Joe Biden in the key battle ground states where the election will be decided.  If CNN is releasing such a poll, which is always weighted statistically in favor of Democrats, imagine what the INTERNAL polls of the two campaigns must be saying.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds and Analysis

2020 US Presidential Election Winning Party: 

Democrats +104

Republicans -124

Other +25000

2020 Democrat Presidential Nominee Odds:  Elizabeth Warren +20000, Hillary Clinton +2150, Michelle Obama +6500, Joe Biden -940, Kamala Harris +8000, Andrew Cuomo +2000, Amy Klobuchar +25000

2020 Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee Odds:  Kamala Harris +115, Amy Klobuchar +425, Stacey Abrams +1200, Elizabeth Warren +1600, Hillary Clinton +4000, Val Demings +3300, Tammy Baldwin +7500, Tammy Duckworth +6000, Michelle Obama +2000, Gretchen Whitmer +610, Catherine Cortez Masto +2000, Michelle Grisham +7500, Susan Rice +12000, Maggie Hassan +16500, Mitt Romney +11000, Andrew Cuomo +8000, Tulsi Gabbard +10500, Sally Yates +12000, Keisha Lance Bottoms +10500, Terri Sewell +9000

2020 US Presidential Election Odds:  Donald Trump -131, Joe Biden +135, Hillary Clinton +5500, Mike Pence +8000, Nikki Haley +16000, Kamala Harris +16500, Michelle Obama +22000, Andrew Cuomo +3452

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

Donald Trump remains a mild favorite to be reelected as President this November.  The betting odds have not had much in the way of fluctuation in recent weeks as gamblers are waiting out the end of the COVID-19 lockdown and how the economy is going to react.  Trump is hitting the highest approval numbers and polling scores of his entire Presidency.  Meanwhile Biden is starting to alarm even the most blind Trump haters with is perpetual faltering.

Failing Biden So Bad That He Draws GOP Sympathy

Lately it has been Democrats rather than Republicans commenting on the deteriorating state of former Vice President Joe Biden.  While his slurring of words and brain freezes have been noticeable ever since the campaign started, he has sunk to a new and alarming level.  This week Republicans voiced sympathy, for what seems to many observers, to be Biden’s dementia.

Some Democrats have become more ruthless than sad.  For these partisans determined to beat Trump by any means necessary they are looking for avenues to get Biden removed from the ticket. At one point everyone on the left was slobbering and swooning over Andrew Cuomo.  Now that has changed as the New York governor is being exposed for his horrific role in the deaths of old folk’s home residents due to his careless neglect and ignorance of science and data.

Clueless Cuomo

When the COVID-19 panic broke out Governor Cuomo ordered that some coronavirus patients be sent to nursing homes for the elderly to be treated.  In essence Cuomo gave innocent senior citizens a death sentence for this decision.

Overall, the state admits that over 3400 seniors have died from COVID-19, most of them from the five boroughs of New York City.  It was known early on that the elderly were the most vulnerable to the coronavirus.  It was a statistically proven fact.  Why Governor Cuomo ignored the science and data is unknown.

Complicit Media

The Cuomo fiasco is just the latest example of a lie traveling around the world several times before the truth got its boots on.  The “news” media hailed Cuomo as the governor best handling the COVID-19 crisis while ripping Republican governors in Texas, Georgia and Florida that have done a far more effective job as they reopened their states.

Now after two months of saturating the public with pro-Cuomo propaganda the truth of his abysmal, reckless and horrifying performance is finally getting out.  Of no consolation to the families of the victims.

Democrats Boxed In

Cuomo is no longer seen as the automatic alternative in replacing Biden at the top of the ticket.  Yet everyone knows Biden has to go.

Bernie Sanders has not yet released his delegates, likely due to this very scenario.  Do the Democrats go all-in with the avowed socialist?

Sara Spencer
Sara Spencer
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