2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Only One Man Could Possibly Have a Trump Card for This Situation 


A little bit after midnight Donald Trump was considered the almost certain winner of the 2020 United States Presidential election.  But just as the champagne corks were about to pop six states stopped counting the votes.  With the lone exception of Georgia five, of those states are run by Democrats.  And then all hell broke loose.  Donald Trump’s large six figure leads in Wisconsin and Michigan rapidly disappeared.  Hundreds of thousands of ballots were somehow “found.”  And almost 100 percent of the votes with those “discovered” votes went to Joe Biden.  Despite the fact that the actual vote was a near split.  And even in heavily Democrat districts there were Trump votes.  Of course, the “news” media is claiming Trump is finished.  And if this was any other Republican it would indeed be all over.  But Trump is unlike any other Republican.  Trump fights back.  And there is no way he is going to sit there and allow this election be stolen without a fight.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds:  

Trump +347

Biden -475

(Source: BookMaker.eu)

At the onset of election night Joe Biden was a 2 to 1 favorite to win.  Within a couple hours of the vote count Donald Trump was bet way up to overpowering favorite status.  Now the odds are fluid and constantly changing.  Biden has all of the media hype advantage.  But Trump’s tenacity gives him a real shot.  What happened with states stopping the count and 100 percent of hundreds of thousands of votes all going to Biden makes zero sense.

It Doesn’t Add Up

Even in the largest Democrat strongholds there are pockets of Trump supporters.  No district has a 100 percent lock step support on any candidate, especially Joe Biden.  Furthermore, how come the vote count in deep red districts wasn’t 100 percent for Trump?  Again, this doesn’t add up.

Why All at the Very Same Time?

Further adding to the rot got stench of this election is the fact that all of these close states stopped counting at the very same time.  Not at different times but instead at the very moment when Trump was in the end zone.  Only to have the touchdown called back.  Anyone with any sense of fairness can see this ain’t a coincidence.

Mail In and Absentee Ballots Go for Biden

It is certainly believable that Joe Biden won the vast majority of early mail in an absentee voting.  What is totally shady is when those votes were counted and how those six states shut everything down simultaneously.  Further, Biden won percentages totally out of whack with the rest of the count in those very districts.  That’s where this stinks to high heaven.

It’s becoming more obvious that the Democrats wanted to see what Trump’s lead was at the time of the pause and then manufacture enough votes from strong Democrat districts to make up the difference.  Any objective person can certainly call into question the way this was handled.

Trump’s Fight

“Here we go again!”  Trump’s entire presidency has been one fight after another from the moment he was declared the 2016 winner.  Not only has Trump had to fight an insane drunk on hate Democrat party but also a corrupt to the core in the tank media that is nothing but a perpetual campaign ad for the Democrats.  Then he has had to fight the establishment Republicans who are more concerned about what fork is for the salad than policies that they would largely support.  Trump has had to fight a four-year propaganda war and an entire world totally out to destroy him.  And up to midnight Tuesday night he beat them all.  Time and again.  Now he faces the biggest fight of his political career.

The one thing that Trump supporters can cling to is that Trump will go down fighting.  Or actually pull another rabbit out of the hat for another triumph.  Trump will unleash the best lawyers in the country to get to the bottom of the shenanigans.  Improper mail in ballots are certain to be found.  Answers to why there were so many states pausing the counts and release of the votes will be demanded.  If there is one man on planet Earth that can beat this impossible problem and odds its President Donald Trump.