2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Trump vs Biden

It has been an undeniably tough several months for President Donald Trump.  As the month of March began, he seemed to be a strong bet for reelection.  And in fact, Trump was a strong wagering favorite at that time.  Relative peace and prosperity were on the Donald’s side. Recall that his economy ranked as one of the greatest in United States history.  And then came COVID-19 and the civil unrest sparked by police brutality.  For several weeks Trump floundered.  But lately he has started to regain traction.

Trump’s polling numbers have been improving recently, according to Rasmussen tracking reports.

Some of it has been his doing.  He flexed federal muscle in stopping the riots.  But just as important has been unforced errors by the Democrats.  With violence, crime, and murder rates skyrocketing in cities dominated by Democrats the party refuses to condemn the perpetrators.  And the Democrats presumptive nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, is being exposed as an empty shell and front man for some really radical, if not downright ugly, policies.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump +143

Joe Biden -171

2020 Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee Odds:  Kamala Harris -136, Susan Rice +235, Val Demmings +1550, Elizabeth Warren +1900, Tammy Duckworth +950, Karen Bass +1900, Gretchen Whitmer +3950

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

2020 US Presidential Election:  Tuesday, November 3, 2020  

Donald Trump has ticked up a nickel with gamblers over the past week.  Americans are perpetually irritated with his tweets and bombast.  But they do like his consistent stances on law and order.  Further, Biden and the Democrats refusal to condemn the violence still taking place is driving reluctant independents back to Trump.  The President’s employment of federal law enforcement has turned into a positive.

Polls Show Trump is on Rebound

A recent Rasmussen poll shows that President Trump has higher overall approval ratings than what former President Barrack Obama showed at the same point of his presidency.  Trump has wisely ignored the liberal media and Twitter hysteria and has held firm on law and order.  He hasn’t caved on that issue at all.  In comparison Joe Biden and his puppet masters refuse to voice support for the police.  Voters that can’t really stand Trump find themselves with no other alternative.  The discovery of looted, burned out, and destroyed residences and businesses is something that hits close to home.  The Democrats lack of empathy for innocent crime victims has not gone unnoticed.

A recent Rasmussen poll shows that President Trump has higher overall approval ratings than what former President Barrack Obama showed at the same point of his presidency.

Biden’s Vice President Choice Likely Radical Hard Left

At the onset of his Presidential bid did Joe Biden box himself in by vowing to have a female running mate?  Nothing epitomizes Democrat special interest identity politics more than such nauseating pandering.  What is equally alarming is that Biden has freely admitted to being a “transitional” figure if he wins the Presidency.

Just as concerning is Biden’s mental state.  Most Americans believe he is in the beginning stages of dementia.  At the very least.  Biden is also pushing age 80.  All of which means that his Vice Presidential choice could end up in the Oval Office shortly after the election.

Harris Remains Top Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate

California Senator Kamala Harris remains the favorite to run with Biden.  Not only would it be a highly irresponsible choice but one that would add little if nothing at all.  Harris is a US Senator because she comes from a neo-confederate lawless one-party state.  California has used the judiciary to functionally outlaw the Republican Party.  Its impossible for a Democrat to lose there.  So how did Harris climb in the state’s Democrat ranks?  She did it the old-fashioned way. She threw herself at a married man twice her age.  Harris was the paramour of then San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, who placed her in prominent positions over more qualified women due to her sexual affair with him.

California Senator Kamala Harris remains the favorite to run with Biden with -136 odds according to BookMaker.eu.

Harris has no actual accomplishments on her record outside of making Willie Brown smile. Biden is going to carry California regardless so she adds nothing as far as the electoral college.  Harris loves to play the race and gender card in a most shrill style the turns off normal people.  She flopped miserably in the 2020 Democrat primaries and caucuses.  In the end she was exposed as the ultimate empty skirt.