2020 US Presidential Election Odds: The Truth Just Got Its Boots On


There is an old saying that President Donald Trump has been up against since the day he announced as a candidate for President of the United States. That saying goes as follows: “A lie travels halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on.”  No national politician in history has suffered more from this phenomenon than Donald Trump.

Last week The Atlantic posted an article claiming that President Trump didn’t want to visit a gravesite of American soldiers and called the fallen heroes “losers.”  Even Trump haters that happened to be there like former National Security Advisor Michael Bolton refuted the charges.  So too did White House Deputy Chief of Staff Zach Fuentes shoot down the claim as the man that told Trump to cancel the event due to weather.  Of course, The Atlantic article was written with unnamed sources.

First, its utterly preposterous to think Trump would be stupid enough to say something like that around anyone.  Further, no President has been more consistent in praising the military.  But none of that matters to “journalists.”  As a matter of fact, the Godfather of fake news, Dan Rather, weighed in.  Rather said its not relevant whether Trump said such things but that the REAL STORY is that millions BELIEVE he WOULD say something like that.”  Uh, OK.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump -107

Joe Biden -133

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

This week Biden has gained a few cents as gamblers no doubt took a flier on him after The Atlantic story broke.  A couple of rough days at the stock market have hurt Trump as well.  Still, it could have been far worse for the President with a non-stop media campaign sensationalizing The Atlantic story.  In the meantime, Biden has plenty of problems of his own.

Journalists Confirm They are Biden Publicity Team with By-Lines

The biggest problem that Trump continues to have is a lying “news” media that is now on their most desperate propaganda blitz in his entire four years in office.  The Russia hoax, the impeachment that Democrats never mentioned at their own convention, and all of the rest of the anti-Trump propaganda has beaten down the American people.  While it is true that polls show more Americans than ever before don’t trust the news its also true that there are too many voters that still take things at face value and believe that the “news” is news when in fact its nothing but an infomercial for the Democrats and against Trump.  In razor thin swing states slander and lies by the full court liberal press could prove to be the difference.

No Energy Joe

Every once in a while, Joe Biden will emerge from his basement to make a campaign trip, like he did last week when he chased Trump’s tail to Kenosha, Wisconsin.  The problem is that he can’t travel more than one day at a time.  Consecutive road trips are out of the question.  Biden has absolutely no stamina to handle a major Presidential campaign.  This has also put his Vice-Presidential nominee Kamala Harris in a box. She can’t be out doing all of the campaigning as it will put a spotlight on Biden’s lack of stamina.

Good Economic News for Trump

Last week the unemployment numbers continued to come strong in favor of the Trump administration.  Unemployment is lower now than at this time in Barack Obama’s reelection bid in 2012.  The fact that Trump set up such a strong economic foundation and framework is proven by the so-called V-shaped recovery that the country is in the beginning stages of.  In almost any other case with any other President a national economic depression would have almost certainly taken place.

The Days Ahead

Wednesday was another “news” assault in which Trump was quoted as saying that he wanted to avoid a national panic over the coronavirus in an interview with Bob Woodward.  Of course, Democrat politicians like New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Joe Biden himself also downplayed the virus and call Trump a Xenophobe for his China travel ban.