2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Trump Continues Climb to Even on the Board Against Biden 


Last week’s Republican National Convention ended up as a smashing success.  After a June and July in which little went right President Donald Trump has seized the momentum and initiative to pull into near even wagering status with Joe Biden for the 2020 United States Presidential election.  It has been a remarkable turn of events for a President that gamblers were abandoning earlier in the summer.  What is most ironic about this change of fortune is that it’s not as much about what Trump is doing as to what he is not doing.  The self-described “Counterpuncher” has employed a rope-a-dope strategy.  As hard as it is to believe Trump has gone passive aggressive.  He is simply letting the Democrats destroy themselves.  And it just might work.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 

Donald Trump -103

Joe Biden -123

(Odds provided by BookMaker.eu)

Trump Continues To Gain

Donald Trump has gained 65 cents with gamblers over the past three weeks and that momentum is likely to continue after a spectacular Republican Convention.  Joe Biden’s “four corners offense” strategy of running the stall isn’t fooling the voters or gamblers.  While pundits whined about Trump’s 75-minute speech it was a stark comparison of ability and stamina.  There is no way Biden could have possibly pulled off such a feat.  Most important of all gamblers have noticed a change in tone from the Democrats.  After months of silence in regards to riots and violence the Democrats are now pretending to be against the mayhem.  Of course, there is only one reason as to why.  Their internal polls are in free fall.  And everyone knows it.

Darkness vs. Light

Two weeks ago, the Democrat National Convention was a four-day grievance fest.  Democrats trashed America in a way that so turned off voters that they did not get a post party “bounce.”  In fact, a post-convention poll from the all-important state of Michigan showed that Democrats fell behind after the convention.  Their negativity and victimology totally alienated many Michigan voters to come over to Trump’s side.  And that was before the Republicans even convened.

While there are undeniable problems in America in regards to police brutality and racial injustice the Democrats overplayed the issue.  Most Americans of every race still realize the USA is the place to be and that it may be imperfect but it’s still preferable to anywhere else.  To see a major political party trash the nation in such vile negativity, one wonders why they would want to lead it.  Further, millions of people resent being linked to constant charges of racism and privilege at a time when jobs are scarce.

So, after marinating in a week of negativity the American public saw the positive light that the Republicans put on America.  The Grand Old Party offered a diverse roster of speakers from all different kinds of backgrounds and perspectives.  Perhaps the cleverest was a video of citizens delayed for low income housing because illegal immigrants were given priority.  Imagine that from a Republican Party Convention!  Once again, the unconventional Trump shattered all the rules.

A Spectacle of American Greatness

The ultimate evidence of the convention’s success was early in the week when even the totally biased “news” media and “journalists” could only nitpick minor things to criticize.  Some even gave grudging or faint praise to the “production quality” of the RNC.

It is true that the Republican show was much more appealing visually than a dim Democrat convention that was as dark as its message.  The Republican speeches matched the bright patriotic backdrops.  And then the polls began to move.

The Speech

At first the Trump speech seemed rather subdued, at least by the President’s standards.  He was very matter of fact as he recited his accomplishments.  There were some sly points of understated humor and then came the hammer.  In a calm and measured tone Trump laid out the facts on Biden’s record and how the Democrats were totally silent on all of the rioting and violence until their poll numbers collapsed.

The Verdict

With President Trump a news cycle can be a few minutes instead of days.  There is still a long way to go.  Trump got the job done in getting himself a reset.  Now the question is if he can avoid “Stepping in it” as he so often does.