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How to Bet on MMA and UFC

The success of Conor McGregor has blurred the lines between fighting sports, leading a lot of boxing fans to delve into the world of MMA. The fanbase for UFC is gradually growing, so we’re starting to see far more coverage of the sport, as well as more accessibility on ways in which we can bet on various outcomes and circumstances within some of the larger fights.


Betting is bigger than ever before, and it gives bookmakers and their customers far more scope for what they’re allowed to bet on and the ways they’re able to wager their bets. Despite the significant growth in Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA), instructions on how to bet on the sport and MMA betting tips aren’t always that easy to find on the internet. TeamFA provide a service with their own special page devoted to the sport, with MMA betting tips, previews and predictions.

As betting on MMA and UFC is new to a lot of punters, we’ve offered some hints and tips below:

More MMA markets appear closer to the time

If you look on bookmaker websites for MMA markets, it’s always best to check back closer to the event getting underway, as even the most basic of selections might not be added until then. There isn’t as high a demand as in football betting or horse racing betting, so all of the odds are added as we get closer to the event starting, rather than having prices readily available like you’d see with massive competitions like the World Cup.

Compare your MMA betting tips with experienced sites

It makes a lot of sense to reflect your MMA betting tips with the recommended bets of a more knowledgeable online tipster, especially while you’re first starting out. TeamFA are one of the only sites who regularly cover Mixed Martial Arts, so they’re a good place to start. If they have the same tips as you then you’re on the right track and if they have different thoughts, you can work out why yours aren’t the same as theirs.


Shop around for the strongest MMA odds

When you’ve found exactly the selection you want to back, it can be hard to want to let it slip, but there’s good reason to look around before backing your bet. Every bookmaker has specialised reasons to bet with them ahead of all competitors, so if you’re not shopping around before having a bet on your MMA betting tips, you could be missing out on a bookie who guarantee the strongest odds on the sport.

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Jake Flynn
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