NHL Betting Predictions (Saturday, Sunday)

This weekend’s NHL schedule feature some interesting betting trends you’ll want to take advantage of. Starting with Saturday (April 10), we have 10 games, including two daytime games, as the Boston Bruins visit the Philadelphia Flyers and the Florida Panthers visit Dallas to take on the Stars.

On Sunday (April 11), we have another full schedule with seven more games. We are coming off a 7-4 weekend and that makes it 17-4 the last two weekends for our staff. Let’s see if we can continue our winning streak.

Our record last weekend: 7-4

Season so far: 17-4

Saturday, April 10 NHL Games

As you probably know, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this season teams are playing within their division exclusively. This has meant that teams are oftentimes playing a set of games against each other. As a result, a very interesting betting trend has been appearing. The second game of these series are often lower scoring and go under the set total.

We have three of those games on Saturday and four on Sunday. Lets dive in below.

Winnipeg Jets vs Montreal Canadiens

Our pick: UNDER

The first of our system plays for this weekend has the Jets at the Canadiens. These teams played on Thursday night. It is always a little scary playing Winnipeg games under the total, but Montreal plays a defensive style and there is no arguing with a system that is rolling, so we take this game under the total.

Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues

Our pick: UNDER

The Wild and Blues played on Friday night. Both teams have struggled at times to score goals and each is solid on defense. This looks like a solid under and it is a system play.

Los Angeles Kings vs San Jose Sharks

Our pick: UNDER

These two teams are trying to stay in the playoff hunt. They played on Friday so this is a system play. Neither team is that great on defense so this is a bit scary, but we won’t argue with the system and take this game under the total.

Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Flames

Our pick: OVER

The one game on Saturday that we are going with that is not part of the system is this late one in Calgary. The Oilers are scoring a lot of goals and their goaltending is average at best, while Calgary is not playing nearly as well defensively under Darryl Sutter as many people thought they would. We’ll take this game over the total.

Sunday, April 11 NHL Games

Arizona Coyotes vs Vegas Golden Knights

Our pick: UNDER

These teams played on Friday night, so this is another system play. Vegas home games are always a little scary to play under, but we had one last week and it worked out just fine. We’ll take the Coyotes and Golden Knights under the total.

Colorado Avalanche vs Anaheim Ducks

Our pick: UNDER

The Avalanche are an excellent defensive team and Anaheim struggles to score goals. This is another system play, as these teams played on Friday. We’ll go under the total with Colorado and Anaheim.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs New Jersey Devils

Our pick: UNDER

The Penguins are a much better defensive team than you might think and the Devils struggle to score goals. These teams played on Friday, so this is another system play. We take the game under the total.

New York Rangers vs New York Islanders

Our pick: UNDER

This is another system play, as the teams played on Friday. The Rangers are trying to make a late playoff push and they are scoring a lot of goals, so this play is a bit scary, but we still play the game under the total.

Washington Capitals vs Boston Bruins

Our pick: Capitals

This game is not a system play, but it looks to be a good spot for the Capitals. They had Saturday off, while the Bruins were playing a key game against the Flyers in Philadelphia. It is always worth considering when you get a rested team against a team playing with no rest and in this case, the Bruins should really be worn out. I will take the road team here and go with the Capitals.

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