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Sports Betting: What to Bet on this Weekend

Add another sports victim to the list of COVID-19 casualties. Recently the International Olympic Committee postponed the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to the summer of 2021. The global pandemic has seriously impacted the sports world and in turn sportsbooks, which are scraping by with events to wager on. Actually some books aren’t even getting by having shuttered operations until the games return. BookMaker.eu has a lengthy list of obscure sports to wager on. At this point the oddsmakers know as much you do so the chances of winning some coin are pretty good.


Taking the main stage in the absence of traditional sports are games played on a computer console. That’s right, esports is it. While not as exciting as the real thing, esports have a tremendous following and is more popular than the general sports public knows. And gamers can compete from the comforts of home or a controlled environment to do their part to flatten the curve of the coronavirus.

The ESL Pro League with teams competing in Counter Strike: Global Offensive has matches set up nearly every day from now until early April. Season 11 continued after teams were forced to abandon playing in front of a live studio audience. The field was split into an 18-team European event and a six-team North American tournament. There are betting options on the outcome of games for the current season of CS:GO.

Surprisingly there are a number of different leagues and teams in competitive video gaming. Flashpoint, another top esports league competing against the ESL Pro League, enacted similar online gaming measures for its players. The E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA) has premier tournaments in Australia, Europe and North America getting underway. BookMaker.eu offers spreads, totals, and moneyline odds for all games on this week’s schedule.

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Horse Racing

With nearly all North American sports shut down due to the coronavirus the sport of horse racing can entertain folks during this difficult time. As of now a number of race tracks in the U.S. and around the world will have horse racing taking place in some capacity over the weekend.

The Grade 1 Florida Derby, which is typically the biggest Kentucky Derby prep race, will be run on Saturday with an expected maximum of 12 horses at Gulfstream Park. This isn’t your typical year and the full field will race in front of empty grandstands. For some reason I don’t think the horses are going to mind the lack of spectators. Tiz the Law opened as the betting favorite at BookMaker.eu. To spice things up you can wager on head-to-head matchups between thoroughbreds.

2020 Florida Derby (Grade 1) odds as per BookMaker.eu.

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Sports Sims

Simulated sporting events have become popular in recent weeks. The NBA season continues on NBA2K20 with geographical rivalries when the Houston Rockets take on the Dallas Mavericks. How about a game between the Los Angeles teams? Those are just a few selected matchups available to wager on at BookMaker.eu.

Madden NFL20 also has simulated games to wager on this weekend. The difference between sports sims and esports is simple. The games are played on simulation mode with no one manning a joy stick. Set the computer and let the games begin.

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NFL and MLB Futures

The coronavirus scare will eventually pass and the sporting world will return to a sense of normalcy. It might not be the same as before the pandemic, but normal in that the games will be played. There are a number of futures bets for a wide variety of sports available at BookMaker.eu.

NFL news has been all over the airwaves, and thank goodness for that or we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. With free agency in full swing and a number of high profile players – looking at you Tom Brady – changing teams, Super Bowl odds surfaced.

We expect to have a Major League Baseball season, though it’s likely going to be much shorter given the delay to the start of 2020. That hasn’t stopped sportsbooks from posting World Series odds, as well as National League and American League pennant and division odds. If you’re more into a player we saw odds hit the board for NL and AL MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year.

Games are out there to get you through the dark times; it just takes a little digging and research. Mainstream sports have been shutdown, but that’s not a reason to hibernate. Sportsbooks also want to stay open so they are coming up with matchups worthy of some investigating. It requires time and effort on your part to handicap teams and players. If you’re looking to get your fix then do your homework in order to turn a profit.

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